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March 4, 2013
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MA - Kigeo Duskfang by Dante-Aran MA - Kigeo Duskfang by Dante-Aran

    Name: Kigeo Duskfang

    Glamor Name: Geo Valenki

    Age: 13

    Monster type/species: Behemoth

    Glamor item: Golden Earring - he has at least 6 to guess from... It's his way to keep his behemoth form from being exposed that easily more or less (though in all honesty, even Kigeo doesn't know which earring is the right one).

    Natural weapons:
    Glamour form - Teeth, fists, nails, feet, head
    Behemoth form - Teeth, claws, tail, horns, head

    Trained weapons: Knives, Combat claws, twin backhand short blades
    As to where he received the training for said weapons, Kigeo will usually claim he's self taught. It's sad to say with the skill he has, it's very unlikely this is the truth.

    Grade: Freshman

    Current Classes: MPE, Human Studies

    Passed Classes: none

    Current Points: 81

    Favorite class: Mischief and Mayhem
    "Mischief and mayhem is my middle name~"

    Worst class: History/Potions
    "I'm sorry, but all those dates, potion amounts and equations are FRIGGING HURTING MY HEAD."

    Horrible at handling numbers
    Short attention span
    Bad information memorization skills
    Senses are heightened enough to be used against him (I.E. High pitched loud sounds and extreme odors can disorient him)
    Blunt weapons (i.e bats, hammers, etc)

    Major Skills:
    Super senses - Compared to that of a human being, his senses have been heightened to be similar of that of an animal.
    Super strength - Capable of carrying things as heavy as a ton and giving heavy blows.
    Super speed - Capable of running twice as fast as a human.

    Minor Skills:
    A natural scout and hunter
    Adept thief
    Bites are very painful

    Personality: Kigeo pretty much gives new meaning to the saying "small but terrible". If there's something he loves the most it's messing with people, especially those who react to the things he does, and despite his size, you can expect the chaos he creates is ridiculously unpredictable and and just too much. Kigeo is also an extremely hyperactive kid, seen mostly jumping and playing games around the school during his free time even when everyone else probably wants to laze about. There will be days though he does get lazy, though it's most probably because of boredom or a sugar crash. When it comes to Kigeo and other people, he lacks a sort of public decency, openly belching, sticking his fingers up his nose or even eating from trashcans no matter how much people complain or get grossed out by him. Kigeo also is capable of being potty mouth- though it's funny how his curses at the moment are actually euphemisms of the real words. Luckily though, he can learn how to control himself around certain people, especially those he considers friends and learned how to respect eventually (unless they are as gross as he is). Definitely he values each and every friend he eventually makes all the same, barely having some to begin with, and he would gladly do anything to serve them, even put his life on the line. Just don't take advantage of the value he puts on his friendships. He is capable and is not afraid of blowing up on people, and definitely it's not a pretty picture most of the time when he does.

    Being a behemoth, Kigeo takes much pride in what he is considering the very nature of his monster. He even hopes to one day become the next Behemoth king when he becomes strong enough. However with how things are at the moment, he is only limited to a smaller pathetic form of what he really is and cannot boast as much as he wants to lest be exposed to ridicule or people hugging him left and right. He especially hates it when people say how adorably cute he is in that form. As he says it, "I'M NOT CUTE. I AM A DEVASTATING BEAST ONLY THE BRAVE MUST FACE. FEAR MY AWESOME POWER!! :iconowomadplz:"

    Biting things
    Actually having friends or someone to count on
    Having fun
    Proving that size doesn't matter

    Being called cute or adorable
    Being judged for his looks
    Being kept from what he likes to do
    Those who naturally see themselves higher than others
    Being left alone for too long

    Character's Background:
    The Behemoth. Lore tells us it is a powerful ferocious being created by the Gods as a test to the mightiest heroes to see if they are truly ready to face the threat that is installed for them at the end of their journeys. Their roars are powerful and violent, making the earth quake in its every call; their regal manes flutter and crown their heads along with their mighty horns; their teeth are said to be made of iron, strong and piercing enough to kill their preys instantly if locked within their powerful jaws; their skins are encased in magic and are able to instantly retaliate magic with powerful spells. They were once believed to be only capable of being defeated by the very Gods who created them. Behemoths are enemies of high standard, and only the mightiest should face such a foe.

    It is unfortunate to say that with the progress of time and the birth of new heroes, the Behemoth has became a more common foe to face. Though powerful, information on how to defeat them has grown enough that the fear they once brought has become less genuine, and many things in lore were proven wrong. This information even brought birth to a hunter clan dedicated to defeating the Behemoths and other monsters as their craft. Not only would defeating a Behemoth bring honor and reputation to a person, it also would enable the person to wear their body parts as crowning jewels. The most rare to find jewel of them all however is the Behemoth King. Not even the mightiest of this clan is capable of defeating one on their own as seen by how all other Behemoths bow before it.

    Now where does Kigeo come in between this tale of Behemoths and the hunter clan? At the moment no one knows. Kigeo was brought into the academy asleep in a cage by a hooded man. He didn't say much about the creature, nor did he even explain what that black marking was on the tiny beast's belly; he only said that it needed to survive. He explained his glamour item would be one of his earrings, and that when the boy awakens, they must not tell him of who brought him there or how- all he needed to know was that he would find a better life here. When Kigeo did awaken, he was told as what the man instructed, and at first the lad lacked a response. The following reactions that came from him however hinted much sadness in him, and perhaps this boy wasn't going to enjoy his stay here as much as the man had predicted.

    Things completely changed however as soon as he was set out in the courtyard for the first time. Perhaps what exactly was set out in the school would be among the wildest students they have had yet if things really turn out for the worst. Only time could tell.

Behemoth references taken from here:

Kigeo Duskfang belongs to me.
MA and app belongs to =RawrSexyKitty
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RawrSexyKitty Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Name: Kigeo Duskfang (Geo Valenki)
:bulletgreen: Current class: Human Studies, M.P.E.
Passed Classes:
Point Count: 81

please keep this for your records <3
litheruh Featured By Owner May 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
aahh... he's zo cute :petting: :D
Dante-Aran Featured By Owner May 29, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Thank you! xDD
litheruh Featured By Owner May 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
the smily fits well xDD :petting:
Dante-Aran Featured By Owner May 29, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Kigeo: It's not a smiley! It's the face of fear and death!!! :iconowomadplz:

litheruh Featured By Owner May 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sorry! sorry! i'm sorry! :iconimsorryplz:
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Pfff- IKR? :iconpapmingplz: Too bad he doesn't agree as much. :iconmingplz:;;;
Raintakeawaymytears Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2013
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Dante-Aran Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2013  Student Digital Artist
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