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AA - Lazaruz Calisto by Dante-Aran
AA - Lazaruz Calisto

August 29, 2015
- Edited bio and spell sections. I'm a silly person who realized a little late that a magic man who makes clothes should probably think about enchanting them too. |'D
- Transferred one of minor info into Abilities section.
- Gave him a list of nicknames.
- Edited some small typos and grammar errors here and there.


Name: Lazaruz Calisto
Age: 36
Birthday: 26th Gifts [November 26]
Gender: Male
Height: 6'0
Race: Human

Class: Wizard
Occupation: Seamster/Tailor and Clothing Designer
City: Amedra
Allegiance: Miras Kingdom

+ Contemplative | Dynamic | Hardworking | Humble | Family Oriented
= Calm | Debonair | Cultured | Dignified | Passionate
- Melodramatic | Neat-freak | Vain | Fussy | Indecisive

Lazaruz is a very work oriented man as his job entails much of his passion and time. He always makes sure to put quality into what he does and he never makes anything half baked. He is the kind of person who prefers to contemplate on ideas first to make the best out of a situation, which helps the man almost always figure out a solution to most issues and problems that come up every now and then. In general he works very hard in what he does, and it shows considering how rich the man has become due to his long business in making clothes for the rich folk with high quality materials. Despite his riches though, surprisingly the man remains to be humble in his own way, and also remains to never forget to take care of his family. He especially believes in the ideals of his grandmother, so staying humble while helping those around him (especially family) takes top priority in what he does, even over his obvious love to his work.

In terms of interacting with other people, on first meeting he caries with him a very calm and collective aura as just the way he walks and dresses shows how cultured and dignified he is. He also manages to have his own charming flair to the way he treats others, adding to his already debonair style. And with his high love for the arts, he manages to show just how passionate he can be, especially when he talks about his interests or his work. Lazaruz especially loves the art of clothing making and using magic, so it should be noteworthy to know that his job highly involves him using both to his advantage.

But of course, being highly passionate as he is, he can show often in his mannerisms that he tends to be somewhat over the top and melodramatic despite being fairly calm most of the time. Especially when caught off guard by an unfavorable circumstance, he can voice quite loudly how he's feeling in the situation. He can also be a neat-freak to the extent he almost borderlines being obsessive compulsive. His magic at least helps him with keeping himself from going too far as he mostly uses it to help him make sure everything is as neat as it could be and doesn't need a second check. With his high standard with how he looks, he can also become quite vain as he occasionally finds the time to look into a mirror and fix his appearance, and it should be noted that he's especially fussy when it comes to quality control. If there's something he does not like in a design or a certain look to something, he will do much to fix or change it, but thankfully never to the extent of being rude (unless it's really that bad). Lastly, his fussiness takes a heavy toll on him by making him highly indecisive, so it's normal to find him taking the time to look through options and think way too hard on choices, sometimes even if it's the smallest of things like what he should eat in the morning or which coat he should wear out that day.


Lazaruz is the middle child of a quite established rich family in Amedra, and from a young age his parents would always make sure that their children would show how established they are. From the way they dressed to the way they walked and talked, already from a young age they were all brought up to carry their family name with pride and continue their family businesses. His family were in no way nobles however, but it was obvious his parents were doing anything they could to climb up the social ladder and get their names known somewhere.

But of course, with the fact that they were slowly bringing up their names and riches, there was always this lingering thought in his parents' minds that their children could be easy targets for those who would try to steal their wealth, so from a young age as well Lazaruz and his siblings were taught sword fighting- specifically fencing- as both a hobby and their form of self defense. Unfortunately for Lazaruz however, as much as he enjoyed the look and the feel of the style, he did immensely poor in terms of actually defending himself with a blade (he notably just preferred the "dancing" and "moving" part of it rather than the actual using of the sword itself), so it was no surprise how bad he lagged behind his siblings when it came to the lessons. It all came to a point when one day while his parents were out on important business affairs, a simple fencing spar with one of his siblings actually ended up breaking one of his legs. He still has no idea how it even happened until now.

Since his parents were out of town, the caretakers of the house couldn't easily contact them and ask for their approval to get the town's best healer to treat his leg. Instead the next while involved having Lazaruz be taken care by his grandmother who would help him heal his leg the more "natural" way while waiting for them to get word from his parents. His grandmother was actually just a simple middle class tailor, which of course confused Lazaruz considering how he was used to being surrounded with the rich lifestyle he was raised with. Nevertheless there was just something so pleasing about the way his grandmother lived and the way she treated him. He ended up enjoying his time with his grandmother, though not without growing bored of course as there wasn't much he could do with a broken leg. It was then his grandmother invited him to help her with her tailoring by making him sew and make clothes to at least lessen the boy's boredom. It was thanks to this he earned his eventual love for clothes making. Even after his parents returned and got his leg healed completely, Lazaruz still wanted to stay with his grandmother and continue helping her with her work. His parents were of course reluctant considering her lifestyle was "stuck in the past" as they would say it, but after all it was just his grandmother. What could possibly happen to him living with her?

Surprisingly, it was learning magic from her. The grandmother actually practiced much magic in her youth, and it was raising a family and making them survive the hard times they had when they were poor that had to make her stop. Seeing the potential in Lazaruz and that there wasn't much for her to lose anymore, she thought it was about time she passed down not only her tailoring knowledge but also magical prowess to one of her descendants. As much as Lazaruz kept failing in terms of protecting himself physically from then on, due to his slowly progressing skill in using magic, he was finally able to find a way to go up against his siblings in terms of defense, and his parents then realized perhaps he didn't need to brandish a sword to protect himself. Of course this is completely ironic considering the way he would eventually use his magic.

Years then would pass, and Lazaruz would become a professional tailor and soon enough even a Wizard after being sent to learn magic from other teachers. His grandmother too would eventually pass away due to old age, and in her will it was actually discovered that she had earned quite a sum of money that accumulated through the years- almost more than how much Lazaruz' parents ever earned in fact. It was also specifically stated that all of her earnings go to Lazaruz as he really was the one who really took care of her during her final days and was the one who could fulfill her dream of having a Clothing Emporium. Thus using the money given to him, Lazaruz would then create said Tailor and clothing Emporium where he could live his and his grandmother's dreams of doing his passion as his work and all without the expense of disappointing his parents as well.

Things from there would go great for the man the next years, but of course then comes the recent political events that happened and the surprise attack from Koben. Naturally his business would get harmed along the way, and one would think with how work oriented Lazaruz was, he would instead find other ways to improve his income and not bother with the war. Surprisingly though, Lazaruz has since decided to dedicate some of his money and time to helping the fugitives from the attack by providing shelter and garments to them in exchange for work. The example his grandmother lived still stuck to his memory until now, and more than anything he knew his grandmother would do something for those in need, especially during a time of war.

Following in her example, currently Lazaruz would aid fugitives in need, but definitely not without keeping his tailoring business intact. Who knows, maybe people will buy clothes from him in return for his kindness...

...And since it was a time of war, the clothing enchanting business too was looking quite promising to him.

Additional info:

Levitation and Object manipulation Spells
Lazaruz has a natural ability to make things around him levitate and become mobile, and this especially helps him when he wants to be neat as cleaning becomes a lot easier when your broomsticks do the cleaning for you. He also uses levitation spells often when making outfits for other people as well. He doesn't find the need to go across the room for a specific tool or item for example, so he can continue working on something almost non-stop. Surprisingly though his designed clothing are all handmade.
In terms of how much he can carry in a moment however, it all goes down to what exactly the movements are and how big the item is. If it's as simple as bringing several sewing materials or books to another room at a decent pace, there's no question that it's an easy task for him. If the books had to dance or the sewing materials had to work for themselves, then the amount he can levitate begins to lessen. If it starts going into more heavy objects like boulders and giant bookshelves, throwing the object in one direction is as far as he can go past levitation, and he can at most work with up to two objects at large scales, especially if they're twice his size.

Energy Sword Generation
Despite Lazaruz being horrible with the blade, he still nevertheless appreciates fencing for its style and look. To him, it can be very dance like and flashy, so it's no wonder he would end up integrating fencing stances and mannerisms into the way he handles a wand and casts spells (though of course without actually doing any sort of skilled fencing). And since he can't hold a blade well, he instead makes use of swords created from raw energy that float behind or around him. The elements that make up the blades tend to vary on the circumstance (i.e. use the element that works best against the opponent), but he favors and works best with light based energy swords. He unfortunately cannot use more than one element when making a set of swords, and a set can only go up to 5-6 blades with 6 already pushing it for him. The less swords he creates make it easier for him to manipulate into doing intricate movements like slashing and parrying, and naturally the more blades he creates get limited to more simple movements like forward thrusts or projectile throws and the like. The blades he creates take on the forms of sabres, rapiers, short swords, and Daggers. Although he can make large swords like broadswords and zweihanders, Lazaruz favors smaller and lighter blades as they're quicker and easier to handle and create considering their sizes and the amount of energy needed to make them.

Spell Tomes
Occasionally Lazaruz will have a spell book floating by his side in case there is a need for more than his sword generating spells. It however takes longer for him to cast these spells as he still needs to read how to properly cast them, and naturally the bigger the spell, the more it can take a toll on his own energy. Due to this, he has a tendency to rely on his sword generating magic more often as it comes more natural to him than most other spells. He also doesn't bring these tomes with him often unless travelling in far distances or doing something really far from home and tailoring. The element of the spells highly depend on which tome he has on him (he can only carry one at a time), and at the moment he only has 3 elemental tomes: Fire, Water and Wind. He especially favors the water tome though as he has used it several times to make his house especially clean.
Notably the quicker he casts a spell he's not used to, the more likely he could misinterpret it and make something else happen.

Minor Clothing Enchantments
Naturally being a Wizard who makes clothing for a living, Lazaruz has experimented on some garments by giving them enchantments. Lazaruz however has been mostly doing this with his own garments and never thought about selling enchanted clothing up until recently with the war erupting. At the moment though his enchantments are minor and elemental related, such as a slight protection over the temperatures of a hot day (hence why he can still wear designer coats during the summer time), or increased resistance to the cold regardless of being light thin fabric, so he has yet to improve said enchanting to fit a war situation.
Due to this skill being still fairly new to him, enchantments he isn't used to are more likely to backfire on him hence why he'd rather experiment on smaller scale clothing like handkerchiefs and undergarments the more advanced the enchantment is.

Basic Small Scale Elemental Spells
For very basic everyday purposes like lighting a candle, watering the plants or using wind magic to delicately turn the page on a book, Lazaruz has a tendency to use really small scale spells to help him with everyday activities. His grandmother especially did this a lot when he was around, so he has since acquired the same habits as well.

- Lazaruz' main wand is actually a detachable piece to his cane. More often than not he will drop the rest of the cane to make his fencing stances more convincing. His wand is also notably pointy so he can "poke" his way out of a situation if someone gets too close.
- All of his siblings have since gone off to do their own businesses and got married to other rich people. Lazaruz is the only one still single as people say he's pretty much married to his work.
- Despite being vain, Lazaruz doesn't actually like showing off his riches. He just likes looking good.
- Lazaruz isn't snobby as well, so he isn't one to turn away people from lower classes in need of help as seen by the way he currently is attempting to help the Koben attack refugees.
- Pansexual.
- His parents are still alive though retired now that all their kids have moved out and/or have taken over the business.
- Has a very strong Spanish accent and may occasionally insert some "otherworldly" terms into his speech since I'm pretty sure the Spanish language doesn't actually exist in this world LOL (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong though 8'D).
- He is also quite the dancer and performer.
- He may be addressed as Mr/Señor Calisto, Lazaruz, Laz, Aruz, and Cal. Cal though is especially meant for close friends or those who ask politely if they can call them that. ((You may combine Mr or Señor with his main names or abbreviated nicknames.))
- Theme Song

RP Preference: Skype, dA Chatrooms and Google Docs.
I'm actually open to all kinds of methods especially if my partner favors other mediums, though I will do better in dA chatrooms and may need to be reminded to reply in Skype/google doc rp's if the rp really lasts that long. 8'D


HHHH. Aaaaand new app here we go. :dummy:

Actually saw this group a long time ago, but I was finally pushed to join thanks to mai--flower :iconpapmingplz:

So... Um... Meet my Hispanic based Fairy God Father. He can go bipity bopity boo on yo clothes if you really need it. :iconifreakinloveitplz: And for once I didn't make a sad bio. I'm so happy. x'D I think this is also the cutest story I've come up with for a character, so this guy makes me very happy in general. Fancy mustache and all. :iconbiggrinfaceplz:

Welp, I hope I got all the things done right and make it. ;u; Good luck to everyone~

Character and Art belong to me.
AA and app belong to their respective owners.

DeviantArtist Questionnaire

Sat Aug 8, 2015, 8:41 AM
Welp, time to jump into the bandwagon hahaha. xD

How long have you been on DeviantArt?
According to my account data, I have been on dA for 8 years officially... Damn, 2 more and I hit 10. Holy crap. 8'D

What does your username mean?
...Okay, this is going to be a long story about how I got this username because there really was a lot of thinking that went behind it to be honest (and I will be admitting... sorta personal things haha)- just a heads up. |D

To start off, a long while back before I was Dante-Aran, this account went by the username "Dante123ICanBeAnyone". x'D I was 13 years old obviously when I started off on dA, and named myself for the following reasons:
(Dante) I had a Devil May Cry obsession at the time and had a tendency to name my accounts after characters I really liked- i.e. Cloud, Sephiroth, Wander, etc.
(123) I thought I needed numbers and clearly I wasn't too original with the choosing. |'D
(ICanBeAnyone) Growing up, my acting was really the only skill I could bank on to get through school; on the internet I already knew you could literally "become anyone" thanks to anonymity, and I also early on was interested in roleplaying. So ICanBeAnyone was pretty much me playing around with the idea that I could literally be anyone in real life via acting, be anyone on the net due to anonymity and also be anyone via roleplaying.

The biggest thing I was really hiding about myself with the ICanBeAnyone part though if I really had to be honest... It was mostly my gender. Haha. 8'D

I admit also that as a kid, the things I took a really big liking to were objects most often associated to boys. Comic books, action figures, video games, certain tv shows- all the stuff that back then your mom or someone older than you would see and probably end up telling you "Only boys play with that- go get a barbie doll instead". Being the rebel as I was early on, I didn't care what other people said so immediately attached myself to the stuff that really interested me. As young as I was, I honestly already believed you didn't have to be a boy to like these things and that girls could like them as well. Problem is, I was raised in a country and around a time when gender stereotypes had to be the norm. In turn, other kids thought I was the odd one out, so I was pretty much bullied for it and ostracized almost. Young boys didn't want to hang out with a girl; girls just couldn't connect with me because our interests were different, so  they didn't want to hang out with me either. It didn't help that I was eventually brought up in an all girl grade school and high school, so it sort of got harder from there (i.e. Why are you only drawing boys?).
Eventually I go on the internet, get introduced to deviantart, and under my username, everyone immediately would think I was a guy, and I could get away with the interests I had without people judging me for it- without people telling me I can't like the things I like just because I was a girl. And I guess it just made me feel comfortable having people identify me as a dude thanks to that? Ironically though, I'm in no way trans if you're really going to think about asking me about that... Haha.

As for where Dante-Aran goes into all this- Easy. When dA announced the rename feature, I took the option immediately once I got a premium because the old username was getting too nooby for me but at the same time I didn't want to let go of the account since I already built a lot of history on it. When the change happened, I decided to keep the "Dante" part since by that point everyone knew me as Dante and referred to me as such, and the -Aran is actually based off Samus Aran from the Metroid series. In a way, I felt my situation as I grew up on this account similar to hers when she first debuted on the NES: Everyone I met thought I was a dude up until I finally revealed who I really was.

Aaaand that's what my username means and arguably what it means to me. |'D

TL;DR: I was 13 when I made this account as Dante123ICanBeAnyone, liked DMC enough to name myself Dante and thought I could be anyone on the internet, including a boy since I was highly bullied for my interests. One day I matured and replaced the 123ICanBeAnyone part of my username with a respectable "-Aran" after Samus Aran whom everyone thought was a dude until she removed her suit and revealed her gender.

Describe yourself in three words.
Ur wildest dreams ;D

Are you left or right handed?

What was your first deviation?
Yoh Asakura by Dante-Aran
It was during a time someone convinced me I was good at imitating anime or that general style without tracing. |'D

What is your favourite type of art to create?
I honestly really love semi-realistic painterly artworks and wish I were better at it. ;u; It's currently not my style, but I'm really hoping to learn how to adopt it.

If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
Read above... And I know it's not different since I've tried it, but still. ;3;

What was your first favourite?
Oh man, it really goes way back. I'm really glad they finally added in a favorites search bar or else I wouldn't have been able to get it. x'D
KH2 Lion Hearts by alphaleo14

What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
If I'm not mistaken, it's digital paintings.

Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
Now this is a hard one because I'm honestly not particularly attached to any dA artist to call them a favorite huhu-
But narrowing it down, I think it's arvalis, namely because his art development and improvement is the kind I am hoping to achieve myself.

If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
Oh man- Now where to start. x'DDD
:iconaealzx::iconanionna::icondragoonwys::icondarkerpersnicketer::iconawa303::iconwinterferns::iconmad-and-mirthful::icondraconisknight::icongreeneyesandglasses::iconsarimnarim::iconteruko-san::iconvarrebeest: and tbh the list goes on.
If I forget someone I'm sorry- but seriously you guys are the best, and I hope I can see you all one day huhuhu-

Special shout out though to the peeps I met IRL prior to dA. You know who you are :iconhideplz:

How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
In more ways than I can count tbh. C'8 Like I just know I wouldn't be the same person I am today if I didn't come across the tons of people I've met. Sure, I've had my fair share of bad and good moments with people, and I've seen great friendships crumble instantly just by one single move, but hey, it's technically all part of growing up, and I'd say deviantart was where I really grew up in and actually could see how much I have.

What are your preferred tools to create art?
Wacom Tablets, Paint Tool SAI, Photoshop

What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
I'd say either at home or at school. Though to be honest it's been hard for me to find my current niche spot for drawing lately. I've sort of grew out of some places. 8'C

What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
Man, there are just too many things that happened to me that I can't even name what would be my favorite to be honest. C'8
If I really had to narrow it down to 5... I guess it would be...
1) That White Day prank us :iconsouls-of-chaos: people did on :icondx33x: a few years back. :iconlaughsplz:
2) The counter troll measure I pulled off in one of my groups. Essentially a troll entered the chat and I managed to shoo him away with the usage of :iconcoolstorybroplz:. Absolutely hilarious.
3) ...I'm probably going to get my ass kicked for this but...
4) The day I "sort of" revealed Aradann's face. I honestly logged everyone's reactions because it was that priceless. x'DDDDDD
and 5).......

SOC - ... [Read Artist's Comment] by Dante-Aran

This thing probably took the cake in terms of the hilarity that ensued from my craziness. x'DDD


Shadow of the Colossus Team Ico & Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved.
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  • Listening to: Luna Crisis - Aqua Style
  • Reading: I should probably get into reading books more. |'D
  • Watching: Steven Universe
  • Playing: SMITE and Skyrim
  • Eating: Definitely not junk food. C'8
  • Drinking: Juice
Ethernitas - Pour Me Another Drink... by Dante-Aran
Ethernitas - Pour Me Another Drink...

"So I come all the way from some dark ruin where a random eye monster decides me and Gatz are its next meal, find out that more than half of the world is probably going to be blown to smithereens thanks to this bullsh** 'One-God-must-control-all-Ether' deal a random imp decides to throw on us, and sooner or later I actually go through the effort of seeing my folks half way across the continent in time before the water around them would figure out it's that time of the month for her and should lash out its frustration on my hometown's village via over-sized surf wave that could potentially kill tons of people, which naturally forces me to warn the old folks about it if they don't start moving soon, And what's the first response I get out of them? "I hope you still remember what we talked about the last time you were here." Not even a "thank you for your effort", or "We miss you, Roku. How was your pretty lonely life the past decade?" or even a "Wow- Roku actually does care about the family enough to warn us of our impending doom. Maybe we were too harsh on him back then."..."

"Egh- just... Pour me another drink. I'm going to need all the booze I can get if I want to make it through this war with a clear mind by the looks of it."


Wooooooh- collab with the awesome dragoonwys~!! :iconwigglewigglewoohplz: Thanks so much for asking!
and yeeesss I would love to collab with you again in the future~ Just give me a heads up if ever. :iconpapmingplz:

But yeah, unfortunately it's not only the war he's frustrated about. Tons of family issues on the side, and obviously I got too busy the last months to even submit what I had in mind the last two missions. Totes was supposed to depict his issues, so whoops on my part. :iconeheblushplz:
Truth be told, if Wys didn't ask me to collab Roku didn't have a little rant session with someone at some point, I could have actually depicted him taking out his frustrations a little... differently for the mission. :iconmingtearsplz: *coughs* random NPC deaths here and there*coughs*//KICKED

...Also I wonder where Gatz went... :iconpardonplz: //KICKED//

Durma, Sketch and colors done by :icondragoonwys:
Roku, Lines and base colors by me.
Ethernitas belongs to its respective owners.
OL - Confrontations at Khadroma by Dante-Aran
OL - Confrontations at Khadroma

With all that was happening at Khadroma, between friends and foes alike, confrontations were inevitable...

Sketch and base colors by Fortranica
Lines and shading by Dante-Aran


Event mission collab with Fortranica~~ Her sketch was really fun to line and her base colors were boss hhh---
Also attempted a sort of different shading style this time, hence why the shading seems softer than usual. x'D

The ironic thing is that both images made use of of completely different shading since the bg called for it. I will admit though the top image was rushed slightly since I had to hit the deadline. OTL
Anyway, thanks so much for the great collab, Fort~ It was really fun~ And if you wanna collab again sometime, you can always give me a heads up hehehe- :iconhideplz://KICKED//

Iorn, lineart and colors (c) Me
Claude, sketch and base colors (c) :iconfortranica:
Cess (c) :iconchronolex:
Ashes (c) :iconvarrebeest:
CT - Namnco Romnco by Dante-Aran
CT - Namnco Romnco

Of course if a Final Fantasy based group comes out, I'd make an app and join. :iconimsotiredcryplz:



December 17, 2014
- Changed some location names in his bio to make things easier in terms of finding official location markings in the map. xD
- Also rewrote minimal parts in Nacho's description.

February 04, 2015
-Added Guild crest to app picture and changed Guild relation info. More TBA.

:new: June 23, 2015
-Updated app to new Tier 2 Job Class and added some minor detail edits.


CT - Namnco Reference Sheet by Dante-Aran

:damphyr: Name: Namnco Romnco

:damphyr: Job: Animist

:damphyr: Race: Lalafell

:damphyr: Age: 18

:damphyr: Sex: Male

:damphyr: Height: 150 cm / 4'11"

:new::damphyr: Character Traits
+ Determined
+ Brave
+ Loyal
+ Brotherly
+/- Energetic
+/- Influencial (In a way he can get people to do things for him- sometimes borderlining manipulating if he pushes on the negative)
- Brash
- Impatient
- Always hungry

:damphyr: Likes/Dislikes
+ His two sisters
+ Nacho (the food)
+ Nacho (the chocobo)
+ Animals
+ Playing games
- Badly losing games
- Animal cruelty
- Being berated for mistakes
- Being left alone
- Going hungry

:damphyr: Background
Namnco Romco was the son of two lalafells who worked alongside a hume "uncle" in one the many farms located around the southeast corner of Bartelo. When he was just a small child, Namnco was already interested in working with the animals, and soon enough he was initially given a job to be a flock tender. Of course, his eventual attachment to these animals did prove to be a good drive for him to fight off the sudden random small beasts that would pop up to eat them. It was seeing his drive that his uncle decided to train the small lalafell how to fight properly- just to ensure his own safety in the future.

His father and Uncle also occasionally would go out to deliver farm products to other farms or at a trader's meet up point somewhere in between Bartelo and Perido, and after some time, he would begin do his best to convince them to let him join. Of course it would take years before the uncle would finally give in, and after getting his parents' approval, the two would go out to do a farmer's delivery work, which usually takes the span of days or even weeks.

Recently as he was following his uncle, the miasma suddenly had gotten worse around his family's town that it's crystal finally had to be put to its true use. However, Namnco and his uncle were unfortunately still visiting Perido at the time. It was too late when they finally learned that his hometown was cut off from the central areas, meaning that he and his uncle had no way to go back home and his family was stuck in a now miasma infected area. Since then, Namnco and his uncle have taken refuge in Perido, waiting for more news to come to them about the state of their hometown and family.

A week would pass, and suddenly news that the king was looking for warriors to fight off the miasma and reclaim the lands would be spread around, and the moment Namnco heard of it, immediately he wanted to go ahead and join a guild. If it meant he could get his family back to safety and reunite with them, he would do anything for it. Naturally the uncle was reluctant at first, but just like before, he would finally give in and let the young man go. Giving his nephew his blessings, his uncle said his farewells before Namnco finally went off with his chocobo to join the battle in reclaiming his hometown.

:damphyr: Chocobo Relation

In the past there had been a small batch of Chocobos in his hometown's stable being rented off to people who needed a ride or an equipment holder. Out of all of them, the only fat chocobo at the farm was mostly left alone since people knew of their high maintenance. Namnco for some reason thought it would be a good idea to give the big guy a chance and actually do some work with him. Who knows- maybe people were judging the big fellow unjustly and he could actually do a job well. The plan unfortunately backfired as the Chocobo was in fact troublesome to control and was very clumsy.

Regardless of the rough start, the fat chocobo actually grew extremely fond of Namnco for picking him, so every time the lalafell came back to the stable to borrow a chocobo, the fat one would constantly come back to him. As much as the initial bad experience convinced him to avoid the chocobo, he eventually gave in as not long ago he himself had a similar situation with his uncle. After few more times of using him, the Chocobo actually began to improve in its work, Namco actually began to understand how to use him better, and soon enough the two became inseparable- so much that he actually went as far as buying him finally (which honestly was no problem for the stable owner since no one usually wanted to use the fat chocobo anyway).

He ended up naming the Chocobo "Nacho" since the both of them really liked food, and Namnco was really starting to like Nacho.

+ Loyal
+ Affectionate
+ Easy to coax
- High Maintenance
- Gets hungry easily
- Clumsy

:damphyr: Guild Relation
Jardin de l'Aire
Current Guild Leader
[Info TBA]

:damphyr: Trivia
- Namnco is completely unaware if his family is still alive or not, though he hopes that they are knowing that his town at least has a crystal to protect itself. He has no idea if it would be strong enough though.
- Namnco actually has two younger siblings who are twins.
- Namnco's uncle used to be a traveling fighter in the past, though he has since retired to be a farmer after sustaining a really bad leg injury.
- Quite clearly his uncle was among the bigger influences in Namnco's life.
:new:- Nacho actually has a mohawk under his helmet. I wasn't kidding when I said he has a mohawk as well. How it still manages to stand up after taking off the helmet- nobody knows.


Namnco Romnco art and character belongs to me
App and CT belongs to its respectful owners
Final Fantasy (c) Square Enix


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