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Ethernitas - Pour Me Another Drink... by Dante-Aran
Ethernitas - Pour Me Another Drink...

"So I come all the way from some dark ruin where a random eye monster decides me and Gatz are its next meal, find out that more than half of the world is probably going to be blown to smithereens thanks to this bullsh** 'One-God-must-control-all-Ether' deal a random imp decides to throw on us, and sooner or later I actually go through the effort of seeing my folks half way across the continent in time before the water around them would figure out it's that time of the month for her and should lash out its frustration on my hometown's village via over-sized surf wave that could potentially kill tons of people, which naturally forces me to warn the old folks about it if they don't start moving soon, And what's the first response I get out of them? "I hope you still remember what we talked about the last time you were here." Not even a "thank you for your effort", or "We miss you, Roku. How was your pretty lonely life the past decade?" or even a "Wow- Roku actually does care about the family enough to warn us of our impending doom. Maybe we were too harsh on him back then."..."

"Egh- just... Pour me another drink. I'm going to need all the booze I can get if I want to make it through this war with a clear mind by the looks of it."


Wooooooh- collab with the awesome dragoonwys~!! :iconwigglewigglewoohplz: Thanks so much for asking!
and yeeesss I would love to collab with you again in the future~ Just give me a heads up if ever. :iconpapmingplz:

But yeah, unfortunately it's not only the war he's frustrated about. Tons of family issues on the side, and obviously I got too busy the last months to even submit what I had in mind the last two missions. Totes was supposed to depict his issues, so whoops on my part. :iconeheblushplz:
Truth be told, if Wys didn't ask me to collab Roku didn't have a little rant session with someone at some point, I could have actually depicted him taking out his frustrations a little... differently for the mission. :iconmingtearsplz: *coughs* random NPC deaths here and there*coughs*//KICKED

...Also I wonder where Gatz went... :iconpardonplz: //KICKED//

Durma, Sketch and colors done by :icondragoonwys:
Roku, Lines and base colors by me.
Ethernitas belongs to its respective owners.
OL - Confrontations at Khadroma by Dante-Aran
OL - Confrontations at Khadroma

With all that was happening at Khadroma, between friends and foes alike, confrontations were inevitable...

Sketch and base colors by Fortranica
Lines and shading by Dante-Aran


Event mission collab with Fortranica~~ Her sketch was really fun to line and her base colors were boss hhh---
Also attempted a sort of different shading style this time, hence why the shading seems softer than usual. x'D

The ironic thing is that both images made use of of completely different shading since the bg called for it. I will admit though the top image was rushed slightly since I had to hit the deadline. OTL
Anyway, thanks so much for the great collab, Fort~ It was really fun~ And if you wanna collab again sometime, you can always give me a heads up hehehe- :iconhideplz://KICKED//

Iorn, lineart and colors (c) Me
Claude, sketch and base colors (c) :iconfortranica:
Cess (c) :iconchronolex:
Ashes (c) :iconvarrebeest:
CT - Namnco Romnco by Dante-Aran
CT - Namnco Romnco

Of course if a Final Fantasy based group comes out, I'd make an app and join. :iconimsotiredcryplz:



December 17, 2014
- Changed some location names in his bio to make things easier in terms of finding official location markings in the map. xD
- Also rewrote minimal parts in Nacho's description.

February 04, 2015
-Added Guild crest to app picture and changed Guild relation info. More TBA.

:new: June 23, 2015
-Updated app to new Tier 2 Job Class and added some minor detail edits.


CT - Namnco Reference Sheet by Dante-Aran

:damphyr: Name: Namnco Romnco

:damphyr: Job: Animist

:damphyr: Race: Lalafell

:damphyr: Age: 18

:damphyr: Sex: Male

:damphyr: Height: 150 cm / 4'11"

:new::damphyr: Character Traits
+ Determined
+ Brave
+ Loyal
+ Brotherly
+/- Energetic
+/- Influencial (In a way he can get people to do things for him- sometimes borderlining manipulating if he pushes on the negative)
- Brash
- Impatient
- Always hungry

:damphyr: Likes/Dislikes
+ His two sisters
+ Nacho (the food)
+ Nacho (the chocobo)
+ Animals
+ Playing games
- Badly losing games
- Animal cruelty
- Being berated for mistakes
- Being left alone
- Going hungry

:damphyr: Background
Namnco Romco was the son of two lalafells who worked alongside a hume "uncle" in one the many farms located around the southeast corner of Bartelo. When he was just a small child, Namnco was already interested in working with the animals, and soon enough he was initially given a job to be a flock tender. Of course, his eventual attachment to these animals did prove to be a good drive for him to fight off the sudden random small beasts that would pop up to eat them. It was seeing his drive that his uncle decided to train the small lalafell how to fight properly- just to ensure his own safety in the future.

His father and Uncle also occasionally would go out to deliver farm products to other farms or at a trader's meet up point somewhere in between Bartelo and Perido, and after some time, he would begin do his best to convince them to let him join. Of course it would take years before the uncle would finally give in, and after getting his parents' approval, the two would go out to do a farmer's delivery work, which usually takes the span of days or even weeks.

Recently as he was following his uncle, the miasma suddenly had gotten worse around his family's town that it's crystal finally had to be put to its true use. However, Namnco and his uncle were unfortunately still visiting Perido at the time. It was too late when they finally learned that his hometown was cut off from the central areas, meaning that he and his uncle had no way to go back home and his family was stuck in a now miasma infected area. Since then, Namnco and his uncle have taken refuge in Perido, waiting for more news to come to them about the state of their hometown and family.

A week would pass, and suddenly news that the king was looking for warriors to fight off the miasma and reclaim the lands would be spread around, and the moment Namnco heard of it, immediately he wanted to go ahead and join a guild. If it meant he could get his family back to safety and reunite with them, he would do anything for it. Naturally the uncle was reluctant at first, but just like before, he would finally give in and let the young man go. Giving his nephew his blessings, his uncle said his farewells before Namnco finally went off with his chocobo to join the battle in reclaiming his hometown.

:damphyr: Chocobo Relation

In the past there had been a small batch of Chocobos in his hometown's stable being rented off to people who needed a ride or an equipment holder. Out of all of them, the only fat chocobo at the farm was mostly left alone since people knew of their high maintenance. Namnco for some reason thought it would be a good idea to give the big guy a chance and actually do some work with him. Who knows- maybe people were judging the big fellow unjustly and he could actually do a job well. The plan unfortunately backfired as the Chocobo was in fact troublesome to control and was very clumsy.

Regardless of the rough start, the fat chocobo actually grew extremely fond of Namnco for picking him, so every time the lalafell came back to the stable to borrow a chocobo, the fat one would constantly come back to him. As much as the initial bad experience convinced him to avoid the chocobo, he eventually gave in as not long ago he himself had a similar situation with his uncle. After few more times of using him, the Chocobo actually began to improve in its work, Namco actually began to understand how to use him better, and soon enough the two became inseparable- so much that he actually went as far as buying him finally (which honestly was no problem for the stable owner since no one usually wanted to use the fat chocobo anyway).

He ended up naming the Chocobo "Nacho" since the both of them really liked food, and Namnco was really starting to like Nacho.

+ Loyal
+ Affectionate
+ Easy to coax
- High Maintenance
- Gets hungry easily
- Clumsy

:damphyr: Guild Relation
Jardin de l'Aire
Current Guild Leader
[Info TBA]

:damphyr: Trivia
- Namnco is completely unaware if his family is still alive or not, though he hopes that they are knowing that his town at least has a crystal to protect itself. He has no idea if it would be strong enough though.
- Namnco actually has two younger siblings who are twins.
- Namnco's uncle used to be a traveling fighter in the past, though he has since retired to be a farmer after sustaining a really bad leg injury.
- Quite clearly his uncle was among the bigger influences in Namnco's life.
:new:- Nacho actually has a mohawk under his helmet. I wasn't kidding when I said he has a mohawk as well. How it still manages to stand up after taking off the helmet- nobody knows.


Namnco Romnco art and character belongs to me
App and CT belongs to its respectful owners
Final Fantasy (c) Square Enix
CT - Namnco Reference Sheet by Dante-Aran
CT - Namnco Reference Sheet

Points Earned:
720 EXP (Fullbody Shaded)
+600 EXP (Headshot shaded)
= 1320 EXP Overall


WOOT WOOT. :iconsuperw00tplz: Made it to tier 2 finally. x'D

Decided to join in the reference bandwagon and went ahead to make this. Plus fort suggested that I do this if I wanted exp. :iconimsotiredplz://KICKED//
Only counted the exp for the new art though since those two are the only ones I can get exp for at the end of the day. x'D But maaaaang. Look at that random improvement... I have no idea where it came from tbh. :iconpapcryplz:

If there's anything I love about Namnco's design next to his mohawk, it would probs be his eyes now that I really got into his look and stuff huhuhu. :iconpapmingplz: Ended up switching his pants for shorts after a while since a comment mentioned he looked more wild with them, and definitely making him look more animal like was definitely in my intention with the new design.

Also added in Nacho since he went through an update too... And I wasn't kidding when I said he had a mohawk as well. :iconifreakinloveitplz: look at dat swag boy ye//DED//

//Seriously can't wait to hit Tier 3 Beastmaster now huhuhuhu//:iconmingtearsplz:


Namnco and art (c) Dante-Aran
Original Chocobo art by :iconyami-izumi:
Final Fantasy (c) Square Enix
CT belongs to its respective owners.
TE - Sneaking Around by Dante-Aran
TE - Sneaking Around

"Hhhhnnnh... I just know I'm going to get into trouble for this... I just hope checking will be worth it... :iconaradannnyoronplz:"

Mission 4 Entry
  • Player’s Choice: Aradann decided to go sneak around and find Loci to see if he's doing okay. Considering the state the Seele was in the last time he saw him, it was only natural that he would begin to worry for his friend.


I've been wanting to give Aradann's portals a visual for other people for quite a while, and I thought this might be a good place to get it in. x'D I was about to go for another idea, but after asking what the area Loci was in would look like, I figured it wouldn't be appropriate. :iconshameplz: Oh well. |'D

And yeah- I admit Aradann's portals draws heavy inspiration from Smite's Janus' portals. Although I have been planning a portal user for quite a while, I will admit Janus' portals were the closest visual to what I had in mind, so I'm not surprised I'd use it as a portal ref haha. |'D If not Janus, then those giant portals you see around in those Sci-fi television series with giant circular portals. x'DDD

Aradann and art (c) Me
TE belongs to its respective owners


Artist | Student | Digital Art
Current Residence: Somewhere over the rainbow
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Small-Medium- I have no idea.
Print preference: Meh.
Favourite genre of music: Video Game music
Favourite photographer: *no comment*
Favourite style of art: Varies
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: Windows Media Player LOL
Shell of choice: wut
Wallpaper of choice: My SotC wallpaper. //holds it close like a child
Skin of choice: something ~FABULOUS~
Favourite cartoon character: Too many.
Personal Quote: MEEP.



Badger by renatalmarSTAMP i-heart-soda by itz-CindyrellaDramatic Cat stamp by Neji-x-HyuugaBad Romance by AgospherPsychonauts by zombeeBOTTwilight stamp by KandechanI use 'lol' stamp by Raah-manTotoro by houndedTotoro Stamp 1 by Toonfreak.:Spanish Buzz Lightyear:. by QueenOfPrussiaTimon - Hula by Cathines-StampsNostalgia Critic by shortview90's CARTOONS FAN stamp by RiniWonderlandAlan Menken Stamp by SuperRamenTony Fucile Stamp by DoomyMouseFrollo_Stamp by Rai-A-DaySince Metal Gear Solid... by Rute-BeerGirl-Gamer Stamp by BowChickaBowWowRolePlay is Life by Foxxie-ChanLazy Town - You Are a Pirate by Cathines-StampsI imagine with music Stamp by tastelessfateVillains Rule XII by renatalmarI listen to Disney music... by ArcaneChildVillains Rule XVI by renatalmarNightcrawler by ovstampsVillains Rule II by renatalmarNoone Deserves It by querulousArtisanFreeze- CLMC1 by prosaixKefka's Desert Trip - Stamp by GameLink7Psychotic Ruler - Kefka Stamp by GameLink7Longchu supporter by SailorSolarTerranigma: The Guardian stamp by MythicPhoenixTerranigma: Wait for Me stamp by MythicPhoenixI Support Mah Boi Stamp by HidanKakuzuPsychoGalStamp YTP by iAkumulazyyy by b2zooOh my gawd by maxari4MAH BOI Stamp by queen-of-pieHenry Freeman Stamp by bijoukaibaHE HAS WEPON by Metroid-TamerDormin stamp by smevstockDissidia Pretty Lights Stamp by false-screenshot



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