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TE - Sel by Dante-Aran
TE - Sel





 Selena "Sel" Malcolm

Age: 27

Gender: Female

Height: 5'6" / 168 cm

Weight: 127 lbs / 57.6 kg

Race: Garsonel Human
-More or less your basic human, down to the same body structure and core, though may be more magical potent than normal and may have a little bit more hair and eye color pigments. Otherwise there’s not much difference.
-Humans from Garsonel are capable of learning magic from other worlds though cannot be born with abilities outside their realm (unless they have children with people not originating from their world of course)

-A world with a similar makeup to earth in terms of terra formation, though the lands are notably not as fertile. Depending on the area, climates tend to spike up to extreme levels ranging from year round blizzard storms to nonstop rain and/or drought.
-Technology is somewhat advanced and scientific, but with the introduction of magic some centuries previously technology took a step back in order to make way for more “atmospheric friendly” means of living in the hopes of improving the climate.
-Secretly a huge forsaken had been living in the world’s core for almost a millennium, and it had been feeding off the negativity of the world’s inhabitants while also manipulating them to continue their wars. It was really only after magic had become sufficient enough on its own did the people of the world finally discover it and attempt to destroy it.
-Thanks to its eventual death, the people finally did see some sort of change in the land and its inhabitants. Though it is unfortunate to know that with the forsaken living in the world’s core for so long, some damages were too permanent to fix. It is therefore unknown whether this world is capable of surviving the next millennium without it eventually crumbling in on itself or its inhabitants still killing each other off into extinction.

History: Selena Malcolm was born to a rather poor family living in more rural areas of their land, though her family was able to make a decent enough living that allowed them to survive her first years in happiness despite the obvious war going about. As she grew older however, the war and its negative effects had begun to really show itself to her, and it accumulated to the point her father had to go away into the military. Eventually she would gain a younger brother, and with their father missing most of the time while having a sickly mother, the two grew up to be close and attached to one another.

It wasn't long until the both of them would become old enough to join the war, and as much as Sel didn't want to, she knew she really was the only one who could protect her younger brother as the doting big sister she was. The next few years involved the siblings sticking together and participating in the battle while doing what they can to protect their land and staying as close as they could as a family.

She unfortunately loses her brother to the war when the two of them became fugitives during a mission. She was the only one who managed to escape and survive, and it was due to this she finally resigned as a soldier to instead take up a medicinal course and duty to recover from her loss. She also deemed that she no longer had anyone to fight for anyway so no point to fighting.

As her luck with have it though, she would again be brought back to the field, though surprisingly not for the war. It was by this point the people had discovered the forsaken living off their world, and when they realized it was the source of most if not all wars, everyone decided to finally work together to take it out. Sel had survived long enough to actually witness the eventual death of the forsaken and a sudden change with the world. It was after this that Sel discovers she actually became pregnant with one of her field partners, and it was due to this she decides to finally settle down, relive her simple beginnings and raise her future daughter free from the tides of war.

Things were turning out great for the most part afterwards, but apparently there were those who openly were not satisfied with it all finally stopping. Soon again there were incidents and small civil wars rising around the land, and it had really become questionable if all wars were ever going to end. More than anything with all that she had experienced, Sel refused to have her daughter grow up in such a war-torn world.

It around this time word had gone out that important names of people from the war were being assassinated left and right, and Sel just knew she- and most possibly her daughter due to their relation- were next on the list. Surprisingly though, she and her daughter would end up being spared from an assassination attempt when they began falling asleep all of a sudden- just as the attempt was being carried out. The next thing Sel knows, she awakens in an unfamiliar land... Alone…

Independent | Headstrong | Loyal | Compassionate | Motherly (mostly to those she deems family)
Fierce | Bossy | A Workaholic | Impatient | Finicky

Sel honestly never saw herself to be the mother type after how long she was fighting for war and knowing how much it did change her, though having her daughter really did prove otherwise. It doesn't help her daughter is pretty much the only family she has left, so doing anything to protect her and those she deems family is really first priority with her. She definitely doesn't over do it though, and she isn't exactly the doting type anymore either… Well, at least in public.


Sel acts as a Combat Medic on the field, so she can switch between supporting her allies medically and supporting them combat wise when necessary or appropriate in the situation.

Medicinal Practice and treatment (Skill - Advanced)
Having quit for a time on the field to take up medicine and  medical related practices, Sel is quite knowledgeable on the human anatomy and is even permitted to perform delicate surgeries on people, going as far as even pulling off quick ones on the spot especially when out on the field. This was a skill she mostly used when she returned back to fighting as it helped her treat her comrades who were about to fall on the battlefield.

First aid crafting, Tool making and Administration (Skill - Advanced)
Sel can also craft her own medicines and first aid tools alongside administering them. The former comes in handy when a first aid kit is nowhere to be found though alternatives are present within the vicinity. More often than not though, she carries around her own first aid kit within the bag strapped onto her back.

Close combat fighting (Skill - Mastered)

Before she was a medic, she was a soldier, and with the way she fights it definitely shows. Even without a weapon, she knows how to defend herself, knows the right points and times to hit her opponents and arguably is capable of flipping over even a person twice her size if given the right opportunity or moment. With her additional medicinal practice, she is even more knowledgeable of how the body works, so finding people’s sweet spots really isn't too hard for her.

Scythe usage (Skill - Advanced)
Ironically for a healer, Sel makes use mostly of a scythe as her weapon. Be it for symbolism or the fact she’s just very comfortable with the weapon, Sel is most often carrying it around with her if her daughter isn't already occupying her arms.

Healing Magic (Hosted - Poor)
Magic did come along her world at one point, so naturally people would try to find ways to heal magically as well. Sel was among the few medics out there who tried experimenting with magic and has proved at some point that she is capable of figuring it out or performing it. Due to the lack of practice and actual lessons on performing the magic however, it did prove to be too troublesome to fully learn it for her. Sel is otherwise capable of learning healing magic from other worlds if given the right teacher.

Additional Info:
-The uniform she wears is made with a magical fabric that can act as a lightweight armor while also is capable of adjusting itself for different weathers (both hot and cold). It became standard for soldiers of her place to wear these outfits if they wished to fight outside where the climates were clearly fluctuating left and right.
-Her daughter Morgan is currently a year old though is nowhere to be found. Sel is somehow sure though that she’s somewhere within the three worlds well and alive. Could just be her natural mother instincts kicking in.
-Morgan’s father was a soldier Sel had a momentary fling with at some point. She honestly never saw him again after the defeat of the core forsaken, though she did get word of him again later on, only to find out he was among the few people assassinated during the rise of civil wars.

RP Prompt:
:bulletwhite: Non Natives: "You suddenly woke up in one of the 3 starting worlds, with no clue why/where you are and no luggage besides the clothes you currently wear and anything you had been holding. What do you do?"

She was sure she was dead. At least there were no other way she could have survived that sudden attack. She remembered being surrounded and brought to a corner while everyone was pointing their weapons at her. Her daughter too was there, but clinging tightly to her shirt and crying. She had her scythe in her hand. She anticipated this attack and thought she was prepared to get away with her daughter untouched. Clearly though, they outsmarted her. This was going to be the end of her family for sure…

But strangely she felt no pain. Instead she just felt sleepy all of a sudden and ended up collapsing. Maybe they decided to throw in some knock-out gas into the room so they could finish the job quicker. That definitely made a lot more sense to her… And yet here she was, feeling what felt like a gentle breeze. That was… New… Though fairly pleasant. She began to check about her limbs. Fingers functioning; toes active; limbs still attached. She was definitely alive… Perhaps opening her eyes would clear up everything? With this thought in mind she finally does so; her sight was slightly blinded for a moment from the… Bright blue sky above her… Wait, since when were skies this blue? This was almost impossible to her… But nevertheless a very open change for her. Was she really alive? Or was this heaven?

She again moved her fingers- there was something hard in her hand. Ah- yes. She remembered that grip. It was her scythe… Her other hand though was… Empty.

“Morgan!” She yelled before shooting up from the grass and looking around frantically. Where was she? Where was her daughter?! She was sure she was in her arms. Her eyes darted left and right desperately as a pang in her heart began to arise. “No. Not her too. Please. Not her too… Morgan…”


I s2g I didn't want to make her app sad and dramatic, but uuuuuuuuugh- OTL

Truth be told, when I was planning to join TE, it was either going to be Aradann or Sel, and since I already know I'm not going to hand her over to any other group by the look of things, I might as well drop her off here as an NPC. x'D

So yeeaaah. Here's my fab lady Sel. A momma despite the fact she looks like she'd openly deny it. x'D Seriously though, she loves her kid huhu.

As to when she'll be ever reunited with her baby... Um. 8'D I'm a horrible owner so I honestly have no idea LMFAO-//KICKED//
One day it'll happen though. Not to worry... :iconehesmileplz:

Also app art is actually a year old already. 8'D I didn't want to make a new one though because I didn't want this one to go to waste huhu---

Sel and art belongs to me.
App and TE belongs to its respective owners.
OL - Iorn Interlocked Chain by Dante-Aran
OL - Iorn Interlocked Chain


"There will always be a side
who wishes to break from the prison that is me
Yet no matter the damage
a chain remains and forever locks it to one place."


Welp- here we go. Iorn's interlocked submission. |'D

And weeee random lock design is... fancy. x'D

Iorn and art belongs to me
OL belongs to its respective owners.
SOC - I'm home by Dante-Aran
SOC - I'm home

"Sorry it took a while... I'll make sure to make it up to you though."

And in the next moment Kein begins to sneeze due to him being allergic to flowers.


Wow after almost a year, I suddenly submit something SoC related? And it's fluff too? x'D

Took you long enough to get home too, Kein. It took you what- almost a year to go missing? :I //KICKEDjkjk// I'm kidding. Of course he should have come home long before that... Just never really rp'ed it officially so wHOOPS-//ded// He'll also continue being a dork and be too cheesy for anyone to handle. |'D

...While also forever experimenting with his hair unfortunately. |'D He suddenly got a lot more beefy at least. 8'D Guess hanging out with dragons for so long does things to you haha. x'D On a serious note, going to blame the recent anatomy and life drawing nuttiness I've been going through as usual. Pretty sure there's still so much I need to fix though as usual. huhu---

This sketch is actually half a year old almost. I just forgot it existed thanks to obligations and other things. |'D Made it easier for me to point out the mistakes at least after not seeing it for so long, though pretty sure I still missed a number. |'D It was also supposed to be just an Iona picture, but Kein managed to slip himself in and add all the cheese to it. x'D

Kein Royles and art belongs to me.
Iona belongs to greeneyesandglasses
SoC belongs to its respective owners.
TE - Not so different... by Dante-Aran
TE - Not so different...

"...You could say I've been through a lot lately...
I've had people suddenly question who I was,
though also heard those who would risk their lives for me...
I did what I could to protect the ones I cared for
even if it meant sacrificing my own happiness...
Met some old friends-
-though made a few new enemies...
But for what it's worth...
If there's anything I've learned...
Both of us have been through a lot...

Haven't we?"

After word that Aradann was put on a wanted list as a forsaken by the sages, the nuns and monks he was adopted by had to interrogate him about what happened while also letting him know the implications of harboring a possible forsaken could mean for them. As much as Aradann proves his innocence, there are those who still end up distrusting him regardless of how long they've been together, but at the same time there were those who were willing to keep him, even if it possibly meant them being registered as an enemy of the state.

Knowing that the nuns were willing to put their lives on the line for him, he willingly leaves before anyone notices to keep them from harm, living the next few weeks as a blind beggar on the streets, though not without some major close calls with people somehow still recognizing him as the boy in the poster.

Eventually he gets found and rescued by Trance and Mathias, only to be attacked by a forsaken on the way to safety. Luckily they come out the battle alive, though after finally encountering his first forsaken Aradann realizes perhaps Locurn too was wrongfully called a forsaken. As to why Loci himself hasn't done anything to defend himself... He decides to go meet him to get to the bottom of things.

Taleas Enaid Mission 2
The efforts made against the Forsaken have proved fruitful, their numbers have dwindled under everyone’s blades and skills. However, it looks like one of the Forsaken Lords has grown tired of playing around and is personally attacking the worlds alongside the remaining Forsaken. With his direct action the stakes are drastically higher, but the seal around Selendris has lifted. Therefore those in Gaea and Devanei now have access to Selendris once more and can offer reinforcements. If they’re still adequately functional.

Fight Face Locurn + Fight a lesser Forsaken (sort of??) + Player’s Choice

Because too much happened to Aradann I couldn't even decide which to concentrate on so did all of it. :iconshadowedplz:

EDIT: Changed the wording on the last sentence and fixed up some alignment issues. Lot of things were starting to bug me. 8'D

...But wow holy shit did this take me longer than it should have. :iconmingtearsplz: Glad I got it done on time ish though... :iconlazycryplz:

I'd type out more but I'm sorta brain dead. :iconshadowedplz: Also probably explains why the picture text is probably total crud. :iconpapmingplz://not such a great writer okay huhuhu//

Also yea- Locurn's eyes aren't purple. Check the flash, people. I totally missed that too until I double checked recently. |'D

Stone wall texture taken from here.…
Aradann and art belongs to me.
Trance's hand (lol) and Aneva/Locurn belongs to AealZX
TE belongs to its respective owners.
My ged, this thesis
Getting too lazy to work
I want to sleep bad



Hurp De Durp
Artist | Student | Digital Art
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deviantWEAR sizing preference: Small-Medium- I have no idea.
Print preference: Meh.
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Wallpaper of choice: My SotC wallpaper. //holds it close like a child
Skin of choice: something ~FABULOUS~
Favourite cartoon character: Too many.
Personal Quote: MEEP.



Badger by renatalmarSTAMP i-heart-soda by itz-CindyrellaDramatic Cat stamp by Neji-x-HyuugaBad Romance by AgospherPsychonauts by zombeeBOTTwilight stamp by KandechanI use 'lol' stamp by Raah-manTotoro by houndedTotoro Stamp 1 by Toonfreak.:Spanish Buzz Lightyear:. by QueenOfPrussiaTimon - Hula by Cathines-StampsNostalgia Critic by shortview90's CARTOONS FAN stamp by RiniWonderlandAlan Menken Stamp by SuperRamenTony Fucile Stamp by DoomyMouseFrollo_Stamp by Rai-A-DaySince Metal Gear Solid... by Rute-BeerGirl-Gamer Stamp by BowChickaBowWowRolePlay is Life by Foxxie-ChanLazy Town - You Are a Pirate by Cathines-StampsI imagine with music Stamp by tastelessfateVillains Rule XII by renatalmarI listen to Disney music... by ArcaneChildVillains Rule XVI by renatalmarNightcrawler by ovstampsVillains Rule II by renatalmarNoone Deserves It by querulousArtisanFreeze- CLMC1 by prosaixKefka's Desert Trip - Stamp by GameLink7Psychotic Ruler - Kefka Stamp by GameLink7Longchu supporter by SailorSolarTerranigma: The Guardian stamp by MythicPhoenixTerranigma: Wait for Me stamp by MythicPhoenixI Support Mah Boi Stamp by HidanKakuzuPsychoGalStamp YTP by iAkumulazyyy by b2zooOh my gawd by maxari4MAH BOI Stamp by queen-of-pieHenry Freeman Stamp by bijoukaibaHE HAS WEPON by Metroid-TamerDormin stamp by smevstockDissidia Pretty Lights Stamp by false-screenshot



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