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Seelenzirkus - Wolf Kid by Dante-Aran
Seelenzirkus - Wolf Kid

Feb 2, 2016 - Changed up his bio so he was born with his sickness instead of given it upon entering the circus.


Stage Name:
Wolf Kid 
Real Name: Walter Whitman
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Nationality: American


Type of Actor/Performer: Freakshow / Acrobat (Mostly in freakshow for his appearance though he enjoys the activeness of being an acrobat)
Ability: Muscle, Tissue and Bone manipulation
With this ability, Walter is capable of changing his own physical form into different shapes. He can therefore make himself appear almost dog-like or even more muscular should there be a need for it. He however cannot change the way his hair and skin looks, so he is permanently furry throughout the forms he takes. It also is hard for him to take on shapes too far outside his current mass, so actually imitating other animals like elephants for example is near impossible to him at the moment.


As a freakshow, this ability can help him make himself appear more dog-like and allow him to comfortably run on all fours for his acts despite having mostly the physique of a boy.
As an acrobat, it allows him to get his muscles and bones in the right shapes to enhance his performance, like adding weights to body parts so balancing becomes easier or loosening up his joints to add more twists to his jumps. It also helps him in the moment he or someone makes a mistake during a stunt to further avoid injury. He notes the thicker his muscles get, the less likely he is to break a bone and more likely he is to break someone's fall.
Outside of performing, Walter also likes being an errand boy and doing running jobs for people, and manipulating his physique to fit the errands he does really can help out in many ways.

Working Place: Outside, with his own show occasionally. He doesn't like it when people blame dog like smells circulating inside the tent on him.


Personality: Happy-go-lucky, Childish, playful and maybe occasionally mischievous, Walter is everything you'd think of when you imagine a young kid. He did afterall die at such a young age. Though as playful as the kid is, Walter is definitely a helpful and loyal lad as he really enjoys working in the circus and helping out those around him. Using his activeness to his advantage, he does everything he can to get even the smallest of jobs done for people before putting on a good show for everyone visiting the circus. Simply put, there's not a moment when he's not doing something. In turn, Walter can occassionally get impatient and very much restless if he's caught in the moment of boredom. He apparently does anything to get rid of it, including playing occasional pranks on his co-workers. The good thing is, the boy is far from harmful, so despite his wolf-like look and stage name, he's more like a puppy that needs a little bit of discipline.

Story: Walter was the son of a middle class family in America, and he was born with a sickness that caused hair to grow unnaturally all over his body. Despite his odd appearance, surprisingly Walter fit in well in his small town as through the years, his distinct features grew on the townsfolk and made him well known. Eventually the people actually saw him for the qualities he had rather than what was on his skin.
He didn't have any siblings unfortunately though his parents didn't want him to be raised alone, so to keep their only son company, they let him have a dog for him to raise and take care of.

Not much happened in his hometown during the first few years of his life, though when he was roughly 9 years old, a railroad and train station was suddenly built near by his home. Since then, their small hometown began to see changes as it slowly became industrialized to their times and grew in size, introducing new people left and right. Seeing how new things were also being brought in and sold that easily caught the boy's attention, not long after Walter would begin to find jobs for himself to buy these things. In the long run however, his appearance always managed to influence his job one way or another, either making it easier or sadly harder for him simply by drawing attention since newer folk meant newer judging eyes left and right. Throughout the jobs he had though, definitely his dog was always at his side through thick and thin, so the judging eyes didn't always bother him except on really bad days.

One day, while doing his paperboy job around town, the usual path he would take was blocked, so Walter decided to take an alternate route through a side of town he barely passed through. There was a construction going on somewhere at the time, and the loud sounds eventually scared his dog enough to try and hide somewhere, though by some shrewd chance the dog ended up in one of the factory plants. He ended up specifically in a dark tight space where the machines of the factory sat on, so the moment they were turned on, it further scared the dog and sent him on a frenzy. The sounds he was making apparently could be heard across the ventilation of the factory and confused the people working there. Walter on the other hand easily recognized the sound and simply snuck in to try find him and eventually calm his dog before pulling him out of the space. His timing of when he decided to hug his dog though was at its worst since someone in the other room had a gun and was told to check out whatever had entered the ventilation and shoot whatever was making the sound in the dark vent if it was a wild animal. They apparently had other animals sneaking into the plant before and took care of them the same way, but never did they expect this time to find a what looked like a beast sitting in the vents with what looked like two heads. Out of pure surprise the gun in the man's hand went off, and the next thing they knew there was a boy dead from a gunshot that went through both him and his dog.

When Walter came to, he was suddenly looking up at the Ringmaster who explained to him what exactly happened to him with the fewest words possible. Naturally Walter felt horrible at first knowing that he was dead and for a pretty dumb reason, though he suddenly began to worry about his family he left behind. Did they know he was dead? Were they going to be told that he was shot? What exactly happened to his body? Were the factory people going to take responsibility for it and... He was probably not going to see his dog after all this was he? Nevertheless, as soon as the Ringmaster offered him the chance to get himself a new body in exchange for work, Walter naturally accepted the offer. He simply didn't feel that it was his time just yet. More than anything he would love to get himself back home and continue from where he left his life off... And a promise of a new body did sound nice. As much as he embraced his appearance, he always wanted to know how life would be if he looked a little more normal...

Though after actually getting a taste of working at the circus... Does he want to leave all this behind either?

+ Eating
+ Playing games
+ Pranking people
+ Working
+ Dogs/animals

- Animal abuse
- Guns (he's developed a fear for them)
- Tight spaces (^same can be said here)
- Overheating
- Boredom

- His "fur" is actually human hair growing unnaturally on several places of his skin, and even if his face seems bare, hair too grows there though thinner in comparison to the rest of his body. Only his palms, fingers, the soles of his feet and toes lack hair growth.
- He does not actually smell like a dog, though he does find the need to shower pretty often since the hair all over his body does add a lot of extra warmth to him, which can be a rather uncomfortable thing for him when caught in a stuffy place or put under the sun for too long.
- Walter definitely misses his dog, but has come to accept that when this is all over he'll be the only one between the two of them getting a new body. Nevertheless he appreciates the job he has now. Strangely being able to act like a dog makes him feel closer to his own in some way.
- This kid was obviously inspired by the circus acts of the past featuring people suffering from Hypertrichosis


Welp finally gonna post this to my gallery. :iconpapmingplz: This group appeared in one of my group's affiliation requests, and I got curious so checked it out. I was about to let go of the group until I found out RL friends were joining too huhuhu---

Also tried a different coloring style compared to what I'm used to. I drew this about a week ago actually, and my shading wasn't really going in my favor at the time so felt the need to try something different. :icongtthplz:

Good luck to everyone joining in~!

Art and Walter belong to me.
App and Seelenzirkus belong to their respective owners.
AA - Lazaruz' Masquerade Outfit by Dante-Aran
AA - Lazaruz' Masquerade Outfit


I was honestly delaying this too much and shading was proving to be not at all in my favor as of late, so I figured I just submit as is. :iconpapmingplz:

And of course the man is not going to hide that fabulous facial hair. It's pretty much his logo and calling card.//KICKED// Though he did shave a bit and styled up his hair and facial hair for the event ahue :iconheplz:

For the Kingdom please. |D Now time to work on my activity check art. OTL

Lazaruz Calisto and art belong to me.
AA belongs to its respective owners.
Solspris - Emmil's Intro Meme by Dante-Aran
Solspris - Emmil's Intro Meme


Upon seeing this meme, of course I felt the need to fill it out. This time I used it more to flesh out the character and see the kind of expressions he'd make, aaaaand clearly I have too much of a baby on my hands here. :iconeheblushplz:

And yes- that friend panel totally did happen in rp. x'D Maybe not word per word, but more or less it's what happened. :icongtthplz: Forgive my lame memory in that I could not replicate the scene 100% accurately. :iconpapmingplz: //whispers// I actually did in fact take liberties with their heights in that panel because out of curiosity I checked how tall everyone was in comparison to each other and... Emmil would not be able to fit in the panel seeing how he's no where near as small as the others. :iconlaughsplz:…

And wow- for once I'm revealing a masked kid's face as early as submission 1. :iconimsotiredplz: Tbh I've done too many masked kids that I can care less about the secrecy of the face anymore. HAHAHA
Also yes, the last panel is my clever way to avoid tagging because I honestly have no idea who to tag and dear lord yeah Emmil's gonna hurt someone with that skill. x'DDDDDDDD

The characters featured here are:
iingo's Vestri
jiunnie's Shay
baejin's dork Amity-Tauriel
and Akari-Scifo's Sorein

Art and Emmil belong to me.
Meme and Solspris belong to their respective owners.


Dante-Aran's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
Hello, you may call me Dante. |D

Currently I am a graduating Animation student who hopes to improve her craft as she goes along with life.

Pretty chill person if you get to know me, but I do get a little hyper and crazy when I get excited about things. |D

Absolutely loves gaming and hopes to get into the gaming art industry one day.

This account has been with me since I was 13, so you will find pretty bad stuff way early into my gallery. I keep them all here since I almost grew up with deviantArt so it's great to go back and see where I came from. However, since this is a more personal account, I will be less likely to use this as a professional one and broadcast it around.

I may open commissions in the future, but still debating with myself how to set it up. ;u;

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