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FA - Sullivan by Dante-Aran
FA - Sullivan

"All in the name of amgetoll."

Name: Sullivan Bardwell
Nickname: Sullivan, Van or Bardwell. Sully is a nickname reserved for really close individuals.
Race: Human
Age: 43
Level: 1
Height: 6'4
Weight: 225 lbs (less fat, more muscle)
Job: Wandering Gray Warden / Occasional Woodsman
Class: Warrior
Weapon specialty: War Throwing Axes and Shield. He can either have an axe in each hand or have only one equiped with a shield. The former is very momentary however as he needs his Shield for Guard building.

- War Cry [Active] : With this taunt skill, he can attract all near by enemies to attack him and gain an extra guard for each enemy affected.
- Shield Wall [Active] : With this skill active, he can stand firm and block incoming attacks in exchange for stamina. Each block adds to his guard but slows him down in the process.
- Immovable Object [Upgrade] : As an upgrade to Shield Wall, he can now generate even more guard for less stamina, but cannot move while blocking.
- Trust the Steel [Passive] : Sullivan knows how to make the most of out his defensive equipment, so he naturally gains stronger defenses upon having an active guard.

Sullivan acts best as a Guard generating warrior, so when in a party it is important that he tanks to make the most out of his skills. He doesn't mind leaving the fighting and killing to his allies since for him his first priority is to act as the "Indestructible Steel Wall" protecting his comrades.

Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Status: Single

Protective | Tender-hearted | Brave | Gentle
Withdrawn | Single-minded | Slow | Ironically Soft-spoken

When acting as a Warden, Sullivan is usually seen to be the stone-faced rigid man in the heart of a battle, facing death almost head on when fighting against the darkspawn. And from deep within he draws out a loud booming voice that challenges all foes who try to get in his or comrades' way as he is confident that nothing can take him down.

However, despite his large frame and burly demeanor, Sullivan when out of the field is actually just a soft-spoken man who takes joy in the simple things like cooking. Considering how huge he is as well, he knows he can actually crush or break things with his grip accidentally, so usually he carries and holds things with the most gentle touch.

It's honestly not in his nature to brutally kill things, but to protect those who matter the most while putting his life on the line is something he makes sure to follow until the end as a devoted Gray Warden.

- Dwarves
- Nug (as a food source)
- Cooking
- Liquor (especially Dwarven Ale)
- Chopping wood
- Axes

- Accidentally breaking things
- Broken armor pieces (it happens rarely to his equipment considering how sturdy his defense is, so it peeves him when it does)
- Rude people
- Crowds (in a social gathering)
- Darkspawn
- A badly set up defense

A long time ago, there was a man and a woman who fell in love just before the man was recruited by a Gray Warden. The closer he had gotten to his joining however, the more the couple would slowly drift apart, yet unknowing to the both of them, she already had conceived a child with him. Eventually the man would go through the joining and survive, though upon waking up he would also learn that his lover had prematurely given birth to a small frail boy and died in the process. The child on the other hand survived, thus leaving him in his custody. However, being a fully recruited Gray Warden, he knew it was impossible for him to now raise the boy.

Luckily for him, he was close friends to a surface dwelling Dwarven couple in Ferelden who had always wanted to have children but were incapable due to their races' natural infertility. After a visit and much discussions with them, the couple agreed to adopt his child until he was old enough to be taken into his father's wing. And although the child was almost the smallest living thing they had ever seen, to them they also saw what was finally a child to call as their own.

As the child grew in this Dwarven family, the couple would notice how shy and closed off the boy was, not really wanting to go out with his father into the woods or into town. Instead Sullivan would prefer to stay at home with his mother to help her cook. Though as close as he was to his mother, undeniably he was just as close to his father, especially every time he would tell grand stories of the Dwarves, their never ending war with the Darkspawn and how the honorable Gray Wardens fight at their side. He too would eventually teach the boy how to properly use an ax once he was old enough should he ever decide to use it for a livelihood one day.

Years would pass, and regardless if his father made a promise to take the boy under his wing when he was old enough, surprisingly Sullivan never actually got any word from him until deep into his teenage years. By then Sullivan had honestly forgotten about his human father, and even didn't want to do anything with him. To him, his father abandoned him all those years ago, and he really did only perfectly belong with his Dwarven parents. His impression of his father though did change completely the day he finally met him. He was a Gray Warden, just like the stories his Dwarven father would tell him, and he was truly respectable one at that. For a week he would spend time with Sullivan to get to know him and make up for all the lost times, though surprisingly he doesn't take Sullivan with him like he promised to the day it was time for him to go. Instead, he only leaves with him a letter he tells him not to open until a year later and some parting words befitting of a Warden.

When a year had passed, Sullivan keeps his promise and finally reads the letter, only to be surprised by his father immediately writing to him that by the time he would open it, he should already be considered dead. He knew the time to his Calling was drawing closer, yet he wanted to get to know the son he never could live with before committing to his Calling to properly say goodbye to him. He also never wanted to make Sullivan feel abandoned, which was why he freely gave him to the Dwarven couple to not rid him of his own childhood and a good life. Before ending the letter, he places in an indirect invite to become a Warden as the world needs more people like him to help in stopping the Darkspawn from taking more innocent lives, though not without warning him that he should be willing to leave everything behind to take on the role just as he did. Otherwise, he tells him to make the most out of his life while serving others.

Sullivan was still considerably naive and young when he first read the letter, so he did not heed his father's invite into the Gray Wardens. As he grew older however, his words would slowly begin to haunt him. And the more he had become more open to the world and learn that the Darkspawn were really not just stories his parents would tell him to let him know the difference between what was good and bad and were in fact a problem the world was constantly facing and afraid of, the more his own personal calling to become a Gray Warden himself became stronger. As years went on with Sullivan growing quite a lot in size and taking over the woodsman job of his Dwarven father, word got out that a Gray Warden was going around the area recruiting new members to their cause as Darkspawn activity was slowly rising, and the fear of a new Blight was suddenly always abound. Sullivan would hear about this and how everyone was either avoiding or refusing the invite, and he too at first followed the majority in avoiding the recruiter, but fate would suddenly come into his way to turn this all around.

There were bandits intending to steal from his parents' home one day since they were out that week, though they were caught unaware of the fact their human son happened to be within the area watching over it. Using an old ax and what was supposed to be part of a table he was making, Sullivan was able to fight off the bandits for a while on his own, though he did sustain a lot of damage since he had no proper training in fighting. The bandits saw this as a chance to kill him, only for a mage to suddenly intervene and finally ward them off. Since he was badly hurt, Sullivan eventually faints from his wounds. When he finally awakens, he was surprised to see the mage tending his wounds, though he still recognized her as the one who finally got rid of the bandits he was fighting and thanked her. The mage took note of his outstanding bravery despite his obvious lack of training in fighting, and she at some point mentioned that the world needed more people like him to help in stopping the Darkspawn from taking more lives... It was then he remembered the exact same words his father used in his letter, letting him know who he was talking to, and that perhaps it truly was his purpose to finally become a Gray Warden himself.

When his parents finally returned home, he gives them the news that he decided to join the Wardens, and although the old couple were quite sad that they would finally have to fulfill their promise to let him go follow under his father's footsteps when he was ready, they were also immensely proud of their son for the choice he was making, even if he would have to say goodbye to everything he once knew. Following the Gray Warden Mage, Sullivan would begin travelling parts of Thedas until meeting other Wardens who would train him how to properly wield weapons and make the most of his equipment. Though it was obvious that Sullivan was not one who fought to kill, his natural devotion and physical form to defend his allies proved his worth to the Wardens, allowing them to let him know of the joining and what it truly means to be a Warden. Though naturally surprised and scared at first, Sullivan somehow already knew there was truly no going back for him anymore in the first place, and he had always been ready for whatever might happen. And thus he went out with the Mage to finally go through the Joining and become one with the Gray Wardens.

Years have gone by since Sullivan's joining, and he now goes around fighting Darkspawn at random when he can, though acting more like a protector to his allies he meets along the way. Yet if there was something that seemingly never changed about him and his life, he still finds the time to cook meals for his friends or perhaps even chop wood for those who really need it.

Additional info:
- He carries two axes with him since he usually throws one of them to draw attention to himself.
- There are larger armor pieces on his right side since his shield already protects his left.
- He really loves to cook and is good at it, so it's easy to enjoy a meal made by him. Notably his cooking may have a dwarven taste to it.
- He may occasionally use Dwarven terms in his speech out of habit, such as Amgarrak (victory), amgeforn (sacrifice) and amgetoll (duty).



Well anyway, say hello to my Gray Warden bear. :iconpapbearplz: //KICKED// I always wanted to go pure tanky beard man so this is gonna be fun. :iconimsotiredcryplz:
And I seriously tried to keep the bio as short as I could. idk where I went wrong :iconlazycryplz:

Sullivan Bardwell and art belong to :icondante-aran:
App and Fire-Age belong to their respective owners.
Dragon Age, Gray Wardens and other concepts belong to BioWare.
AA - [Clothing Swap Meme] FLOWER MADEMOISELLE by Dante-Aran

"Though I will say, I should probably say the same about you in terms of enjoying my outfit. Pardon Lazaruz by Dante-Aran "

Points to Lazaruz Calisto and Tilia Belaire


Since the day I joined AA, for some reason one of the things in my to-do-list was to get Lazaruz in a dress, though it was more along the lines of him being too fabulous that anything can look good on him. :iconimsotiredplz: //KICKEDjkjkjk// At least I now know he can actually pull off dresses. Sort of. 8'D;;; And Tilia over there is rocking his outfit just as nicely- I can't. :iconbiggrinfaceplz: And *coughs* Yes. That is a tattoo sleeve he's got there... Probably answers why the guy wears coats all the time. :iconmingplz:

Clothing Swap Meme with mai--flower!! Thanks for doing this with me, bro. Was smiling all the way as it happened. x'DDD

Tilia Belaire and art belongs to :iconmai--flower:
Lazaruz Calisto and Art belongs to :icondante-aran:
AA and app template belong to their respective owners.
AB - Iorn by Dante-Aran
AB - Iorn

It's a good thing I got most of this done months ago.


Name: "Iorn" Valce Malceor

Nickname: Iorn or Valce. But most often Iorn.

Level: 37

Age: 1080

DOB: December 27

Gender: Male

Height: 6'3

186 lbs

Race: Celestial

Faction: Andaeli Alliance

Occupation: Former Knight turned personal Guardian for hire

"Go on..."
"Magnum... Impetus!"

Silent and stern, Iorn is someone who doesn't really smile, even in situations that are under his favor. Though he doesn't lack a sense of humor, it's definitely hard to please him. Strangely though, he isn't easy to anger as his patience actually goes quite far with him. He is a heavy thinker and actually enjoys obtaining new kinds of knowledge and wisdom from others, or perhaps even handing over his own to them.
If given a mission, not once will he approach it with inconsistent effort. Iorn is actually also very goal based, so if he has something in mind, he does what he can to achieve it. However, he does know the limits of certain situations and can accept a moment to retreat, especially if the goal has become a lost cause. He is very tactical by nature, though pacifistic as well.
Iorn is definitely not cold hearted as he seems. Leaving someone he is familiar with stranded and dead in the middle of no where in fact is something he will almost never do. If anything, he's more like the good Samaritan- doing good deeds though in silence and never really making claim for what he does.

- Tea
- Books
- Swords
- Music
- Voices that sing in tune
- Speed
- Certain kinds of flowers (he doesn't like to admit this)
- Respect
- Human culture
- Learning new things

- Off tune instruments/voices
- Extremely Heavy armors
- Ignorance
- Making mistakes
- Repeating mistakes
- People who are full of themselves


Valce was the youngest of 5 siblings in the Malceor family, and within their family tree was a hierarchy system. It was apparently hard to break through said system as usually your future was early on decided for you the moment you are born and every member is to fulfill said duty given to them. Unfortunately for Valce as he was the youngest of an already established family (and an unplanned child to top it off), they did not see much use in him early on. His older siblings had quite an age gap with him and were already successful and fulfilled individuals within their circle when he came into the picture, so Valce almost had no purpose. It was thanks to this that Valce grew up quite distanced from the rest of his peers and their culture and in many retrospects was almost neglected. Though he had servants at his sides to to his bidding, Valce didn't really receive the proper attention needed for a child.

In turn, Valce would begin to turn to doing things in order to gain attention from those around him, be it both good or bad, and naturally it would end up gaining attention, though most often negative. Eventually it all escalated to the point his family decided that if he really wanted to gain their interest and let his name be truly known, they might as well give him a purpose. After much discussions, they purposely send Valce out on a quest to search for the Fragment.

Valce of course takes this quest head on, finally happy that he could be doing something for his family, but as it turns out the task was not at all easy and soon enough he would become obsessive almost over the task. Several times he had almost found himself dead, yet he was no where near going to give up. Along his travels, he met an older lone knight. After spending time with the knight, the two decided it was best for Valce to follow him as they had goals relating to the fragment, and not long after the Knight decided to make Valce his apprentice. Although he had much company with the Knight from then on, he still wouldn't stop thinking about his family back home and how finding the fragment would make them acknowledge him finally. The sad thing was, after years and years of searching the fragment and realizing that finding it was impossible, it finally dawned upon him that his family only really sent him out on this mission to indirectly banish him from their lives.

Of course when the truth dawned upon him, it would leave him quite distraught for a while, but he would also eventually come to the realization that he no longer needed his family to fill in the hole he had missing in him. After all, the knight he had been travelling with these years was almost like a father to him. It was then Valce decided to forget his search for the fragment and instead pursue a life under the Knight's wing until he could sustain himself and find a new purpose to his life set by himself.

Valce's skills then would further improve drastically the more he trained with the Knight, and he would also go on to fight in the war for the Andaeli faction. At some point he would instead avoid the war though soon join the Order the knight was a part of. After much training and several tests given to him, Valce would earn the title of "Iorn" and a mask was gifted to him as he had gone through a rite of passage for these knights. Feeling accomplished in himself, Iorn would then go on and carry on his life alone, travelling the land until he could find himself a new purpose, while occasionally taking part in the wars to fulfill his duty as a knight.

Since the day the human world had connected to his, Iorn felt much of his purpose was to be found in this new place, and since then he had been travelling to the human world in order to learn much about the humans and their culture. Recent events has been making it hard for him to visit anymore however, and now all Iorn can think about is simply to restore balance and peace between the two worlds.

Data Share Availability:

Theme Name: Energy Manipulation
Theme Description: With his third eye capable of seeing outside sources of energy and magic forces***, Iorn can intake these energies to manipulate and morph them into any state he sees fit.

***This is the energy emitted from the act of using magic or anything that has a source of magic within. Magic forces come in abundance if magic is in constant use or if the magic within a source is large in quantity that it emits from it and "spills out" (i.e. Mages or Crystals and plants that contain magic within).

Magnum Impetus ▶ He can gather energy and encase his weapon with it such that when he performs a slash, an energy wave of light follows in the slash's direction. Usually the color of the wave is in Iorn's distinctive blue, though it may at times come in different colors depending on where the source of energy came from. The longer time he uses to gather energy unto his blade, he can either perform consecutive short energy slashes or a single strong energy slash. Also, the farther away the target is from the wave, the less lethal the wave becomes as it grows in bluntness and width while travelling longer distances. Though Iorn can take the energy from his own magic, it's not as much compared to full magic users or places with high sources of magic, which is also why his energy waves are not so effective if he doesn't charge long enough. Light Ruh.

Physicality Enhance ▶ Iorn can enhance his perception and muscle performance in order to increase his accuracy and movement speed for a limited duration of time. With this skill, he can quickly perform attack combos and finish off his targets quicker. His eyes tend to glow while his body emits an almost smokey blue light when in use. Using the skill too much may tire him out easily as his muscles and eyes feel almost overused. Light Ruh.
Armor Enhance ▶ Using the energy around him, he can morph it into an ice like state unto his armor to increase its defense for a short duration.  Naturally increasing his Defense will decrease his speed since it makes him heavier. He cannot cast this spell alongside Physicality Enhance. Ice.

Physicality Shapeshift ▶ Manipulating the energies in his own body, Iorn may turn himself into another physical form. His body becomes encased in a white light before his form changes into a different shape, revealing him to have taken a different physical look. He can only turn himself into things of equal size however. Anything smaller is harder to keep stable, and anything bigger is almost impossible. Most often than not he will turn himself into an eagle-like form for easier travel. He also cannot perform spells as well in this form since he doesn't have much magic to begin with, and this spell already does require much effort for him to cast. Light Ruh.

Guardian's Blessing ▶ A minor healing spell meant to heal wounds and the like. Iorn encases his hand in energy and places said energy over wounds, giving the skin the appearance as if it were rebuilding itself. Since it is very minor, it cannot heal extreme damages like amputation or poisons. Light Ruh.

[Next slots to be filled when I can think of something.]
Name of Ability ▶ Description of your ability which is (1) ability's use, (2) appearance and (3) drawback/limitation (4) element. 
Name of Ability ▶ Description of your ability which is (1) ability's use, (2) appearance and (3) drawback/limitation (4) element. 
Name of Ability ▶ Description of your ability which is (1) ability's use, (2) appearance and (3) drawback/limitation (4) element. 
Name of Ability ▶ Description of your ability which is (1) ability's use, (2) appearance and (3) drawback/limitation (4) element. 

Weapon: A sword of extreme length; it has a custom made blade that enhances the effectiveness of his magic, especially when encasing it with energy. Though the blade seems rather thin that it would almost be considered a rapier from a distance, a closer look reveals its true edges are simply transparent and almost like glass. The whole blade glows a certain blue hue whenever Iorn does his Magnum Impetus move.


HP - 66
MP - 50
ST - 80
DF - 60
SP - 70


Battling Style: Iorn prioritizes on speed, accuracy and critical attacks, so it is common for him to be the one dishing out damage on opponents. Though he sacrifices magic, his ability to dodge makes up for this along with his moderate defense.
When alone, he does his usual tactic of high damage output and will occasionally give himself minor buffs with the available spells he has to make up for his weaknesses in battle and enhance his strengths. As much as possible he will avoid going against too many people when on his own however. Though he is fast, a large number of people targeting him can falter his concentration considering how he has to dodge attacks from multiple sources. When with others, he may be more open to act as the opponents' target if there isn't someone who can handle blows better than he can, however he needs either a good buffer and healer for him to last longer, or someone to fight along side him who can land heavy blows as well to help take out the enemy quicker.

[Main Theme] 
[Secondary Theme]
[Battle Theme]
[Sad Theme]
[Magic Theme]
[Intense Moment Theme]
[Rage Theme]
[Other Rage Theme] hehe

- Iorn comes from a special Celestial sub-race that could pass as ordinary humans if it weren't for their hair, which grows way quicker than usual, and/or third eye in the middle of their foreheads.
- This sub-race of Celestials treat their hair as an important symbol of ranking or strength. The longer their hair is, the stronger or higher up they are.
- Iorn once in a blue moon cuts his own hair, especially for some disguises wherein its natural length throws it completely off. Giving him roughly a week or even less will make it grow back to its original length anyway.
- Iorn is a naturally neat person, so you will find him fixing things if he notices something out of order in a room.
- He may occasionally disguise himself as a human so he can get to places with ease and to not draw any unwanted attention. He always has to cover part of his face though, or else his eye will just give him away. Of course he can always turn himself into a human looking appearance with one of his spells, but considering his low MP, keeping up a magical appearance is almost wasteful for him.
- His third eye is capable of seeing sources of magic in the form of a glowing mist.

AA - The Ley Elk Dress by Dante-Aran
AA - The Ley Elk Dress

"After a few weeks of travelling through the forests of Cantor, I was able to become inspired in more ways than staying in my shop would ever do. It was almost as if the forest in its grand wisdom was speaking to me and provided me with what I needed to come up with a new dress design. The Ley Elk on its own was very much a big factor in coming up with elements to the overall appearance, though of course I decided to add my own touch of roses to complete the whole look. Perhaps I should go out of my store more often. After all, who knows what other forms of inspiration might come in my travels!

As for the fate of the Ley Elk itself... A part of me wishes that the artifact stays. I can't quite explain my thoughts since overall the evidence has been undoubtedly confusing and inconsistent to the previous findings, but I do believe that taking the artifact to solve another problem might just bring back the old problem it was stopping in the first place. I do feel though that from what we did find, perhaps we can instead replicate the artifact in order to help save Nisalvini..."

Vote for the Ley Elk to live. (if this can count for one. :iconpapmingplz:)

I admit, this feels like a very odd submission for me considering how I don't personally design dresses normally (clearly showing how much I lack skirt wearing OC ladies LMFAO) or know any rules to designing dresses for an audience in general (another sign of how much I'm used to drawing clothes for OC's and not real people |'D), plus I also would have submitted a more standard image submission to the event (school atm is honestly kicking my butt so much I shouldn't even be online atm hhhhh), but since I am playing a flamboyant dapper magic tailor and clothing designer, I decided to use the best of my ability to come up with something as the character for a sort of unique submission to the event. x'DDD So yes- technically this is Lazaruz drawing and writing on a piece of paper he had with him. 8'D

Got tons of feedback along the way though haha. If there's anything that helps, I come from a school with a fashion design department/course, so I have a lot of friends whom I can get inspiration from. x'DD In no way did I ref off any of their dresses though. Surprisingly this is one of those few times I didn't refer off anything for an outfit, and I get the feeling it shows... 8'D;;;

Now I can't help but feel like Lazaruz would design things for a runway, which is ironic since he's also about comfort and function and not always about form. 8'D
Much thanks to the forest of inspiration 2StreetsDown for the funny exchanges and supplying most of the dress inputs whenever Lazaruz would observe stuff during the board game. :iconbiggrinfaceplz:
ALSO MUCH THANKS TO THE MEMBERS OF WILD LEY FOR INVITING ME HUHU- I'm really sorry I was busy through most of the talks though. My thesis is really killing me atm, so thank you for keeping me updated on what was going on and making me a part of the group. :iconpapbearplz: KiyokoAmaya Luuxiya blue-mithril Taivasora

I do wonder though if this will count as an event submission... :icongtthplz: If it doesn't feel free to let me know. :iconpapmingplz:

Nevertheless, I get the feeling I might do more of these if Lazaruz decides to make more dresses based off his adventures. x'DDDD

Background texture taken from here:…
Lazaruz Calisto and art belongs to me
AA belongs to its respective owners.
TE - Decisions, decisions. by Dante-Aran
TE - Decisions, decisions.

With everyone discussing the next step for the chosen of anima, all Aradann and Sel could do for now was listen and think over the outcomes themselves.

On one side, all he just wanted to do was to help and do what was best for all parties available at the moment- the servants, the chosen and Seda herself. If there was going to be conflict thanks to a decision, it would arguably leave him feeling a bit uneasy the next while.

On the other side, truth be told, she herself had her own opinions as to what was the most logical thing to do. She had yet to voice herself however. Perhaps it was due to the fact she didn't exactly know these people well enough to say something? Or perhaps there were other self related issues she needed to fix herself before she could really help out other people more than halfheartedly. Being called a chosen herself however at least let her know that she had a purpose for being pulled out of her world, and that purpose lead her to stand before someone who could control such a powerful aspect of life. Maybe by helping these people, by some luck it would eventually lead to her finally finding her daughter as a reward... For now however, she kept her silence and awaited to hear the final decision.

SQM 06

Not going to state my decision for this mission this time around since I technically already gave it via comment section AHUE---//KICKED//

And yaaaaaaaaaaaay finally making use of Sel... Sort of. 8'D Or at least this is my attempt at waddling her into the missions since Aradann is literally on another world atm. x'D Not letting her vote though since like I said I already voted as Aradann in the comments section.

Also is it me or does Aradann look... strangely older this round... :iconpardonplz:

Wasn't actually sure what the setting of Aradann's location looked like, but presuming it was underground, I added some roots to the wall. |'D Also did that because I didn't want this to look like a BG repeat from my first mission art to the group LMFAOOO-//DED//

Aradann, Sel and art belong to me.
TE belongs to its respective owners.
Stone texture taken here:…


Artist | Student | Film & Animation
Current Residence: Somewhere over the rainbow
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Small-Medium- I have no idea.
Print preference: Meh.
Favourite genre of music: Video Game music
Favourite photographer: *no comment*
Favourite style of art: Varies
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: Windows Media Player LOL
Shell of choice: wut
Wallpaper of choice: My SotC wallpaper. //holds it close like a child
Skin of choice: something ~FABULOUS~
Favourite cartoon character: Too many.
Personal Quote: MEEP.



Badger by renatalmarSTAMP i-heart-soda by itz-CindyrellaDramatic Cat stamp by Neji-x-HyuugaBad Romance by AgospherPsychonauts by zombeeBOTTwilight stamp by KandechanI use 'lol' stamp by Raah-manTotoro by houndedTotoro Stamp 1 by Toonfreak.:Spanish Buzz Lightyear:. by QueenOfPrussiaTimon - Hula by Cathines-StampsNostalgia Critic by shortview90's CARTOONS FAN stamp by RiniWonderlandAlan Menken Stamp by SuperRamenTony Fucile Stamp by DoomyMouseFrollo_Stamp by Rai-A-DaySince Metal Gear Solid... by Rute-BeerGirl-Gamer Stamp by BowChickaBowWowRolePlay is Life by Foxxie-ChanLazy Town - You Are a Pirate by Cathines-StampsI imagine with music Stamp by tastelessfateVillains Rule XII by renatalmarI listen to Disney music... by ArcaneChildVillains Rule XVI by renatalmarNightcrawler by ovstampsVillains Rule II by renatalmarNoone Deserves It by querulousArtisanFreeze- CLMC1 by prosaixKefka's Desert Trip - Stamp by GameLink7Psychotic Ruler - Kefka Stamp by GameLink7Longchu supporter by SailorSolarTerranigma: The Guardian stamp by MythicPhoenixTerranigma: Wait for Me stamp by MythicPhoenixI Support Mah Boi Stamp by HidanKakuzuPsychoGalStamp YTP by iAkumulazyyy by b2zooOh my gawd by maxari4MAH BOI Stamp by queen-of-pieHenry Freeman Stamp by bijoukaibaHE HAS WEPON by Metroid-TamerDormin stamp by smevstockDissidia Pretty Lights Stamp by false-screenshot



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SteadfastBlade Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
Your art is so vibrant~!
Dante-Aran Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2015  Student Filmographer
Thank you~! :)
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Happy Belated Birthday, Dante! :iconbunnykissuplz: wishes you all the best and have a wonderful day! <3
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Thank you very much, Fort~!! ^^
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hey! I was wondering if I could share your wonderful smite-related art on with credits and a link to your precious DA gallery? :D or if you share your art on tumblr if you would give me the links to reblog please Heart 
Dante-Aran Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2015  Student Filmographer
Oh, by all means go ahead~! I don't really post my art to my tumblr anyway, so it's totally fine. x'D
Jime-From-SilentTown Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2015  Student Digital Artist
oh alright :D thank you very much I'm sure everyone will like what you do 
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Thank you as well! And I hope they do haha. x'D
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Thanks for the fav =3
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No problem~ ^^
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