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.:ETHERNITAS:. Resonating Ether by Dante-Aran
.:ETHERNITAS:. Resonating Ether

An Entry to the Ethernitas Contest. Read more about it here:
Ethernitas Contest


Aaaand I stink at titles okay. :iconimsotiredplz:


Wow I was actually able to finish this in 3 days. x'DDDDD And no- this is me not rushing anything this time around surprisingly. 8'D Tbh though, if I were, I'd be drawing just hours before the deadline. LMFAO-//KICKED//


Yeah. So the idea here was to actually do something similar to the artworks found around the Final Fantasy logos (the FF14 and Dissidia versions in particular) except with Ether characters. x'DDD Ended up developing a certain line work method I actually found really fun to do. 8'D Didn't expect it to get this big or detailed though. In fact, most of the details were just... Me guessing how to do the rendering half the time. AHAHA-

STILL. T'was fun guessing. //KICKED// And pretty proud of this since this is me trying a new art style again. x'D

Thanks to this thing though, I've come to notice how my artblocks work. It usually leaves me unwilling and demotivated to draw anything for DAYS that the feeling is horrible. Though it's strangely long enough that when it ends and I finally get back to actually doing anything art related, suddenly BAM- All the ideas come out, I can draw straight for hours, and a random feeling of improvement suddenly comes out. x'DD;;

It strangely happens to me all the time- every year. It's no wonder I've come to have love-hate feelings towards artblocks. Hate going through them, but love the after effect when it ends. 8'D Seriously though- thank goodness it ended. ;;;;

Aaaaand I think I rambled on for too long again. x'D

For anyone curious, I have a Black and White version to look at if you want to get a better view on the details.
Ether logo BW

Aaaaand I also made Desktop Versions (one with text even hehe) cause it looked cool enough to try it out HAHAHA

OH- And another thing. I hid my signature on each character just to watermark them in case of things. Try and see if you can find them all. :iconheplz://KICKED//

All the characters seen here belong to
Art belongs to me.
OL - Lady Ion v2 by Dante-Aran
OL - Lady Ion v2

WELP. So... I didn't like the old one and was in a very arty mood today... So I thought why not try my hand at redoing the last Genderbend meme? |D;;;

Wow so quick Dante-//KICKED//

And horeee sheet this thing actually looks like a female PRAISE---
The Original Meme if you'd like to take a look x'D

I luckily kicked my artblock out the window so I'm free to do whatever I want yeeeeeeeeeeeey- :iconimsotiredplz:

I feel Ion would be softer compared to Iorn in terms of personality, but nevertheless more level headed compared to him. So most likely for the event, I think she'd let him reside in her, though not take control. Probably let him be the voice in the back of her head who can help her out in situations and all. xD

Iorn/Ion and art belongs to me.
Meme template and OL belongs to their respective owners.
TE - Memorial by Dante-Aran
TE - Memorial

"Sometimes having no eyes can be a big problem at moments like these. Can't really mourn for your loved ones if you're no longer capable..."

For the Day of the Dead event. not really caring I'm a day late sorta AHUE


Woooow. Amazing how after a loooong time of having an artblock, I finally draw something, and it's sad. And wow- this is my first submission to the group. I must be in some downer mood. :iconimsotiredplz: //KICKED//jkjk

But yeeeaaah- T'was revealed in the first mission RP that Aradann doesn't have any eyes hence why he has to wear his mask. Though tbh even before that rp, I've been actually drawing his face too often and have confirmed with myself that his upper teeth should have a gap in them. Tbh this picture was drawn just to show how that looks LMFAOOOO-//DED//

And yes- nun outfit. He's unofficially adopted by nuns sorta, so he goes to most places in that outfit if he isn't in his normal clothes. x'DDD This is one of those rarer moments he would actually take off his mask though, so most normally he'd be wearing his mask alongside the clothes.

Aradann and art belongs to me.
TE belongs to its respective owners.
Ethernitas - Rokurou Zan by Dante-Aran
Ethernitas - Rokurou Zan



BUT YES. With SoC's grand closing, Ethernitas is FINALLY OPEN! The group is open until the 19th of November---

SO GET THOSE APPS UP PEOPLE. I'll be waiting. :iconlazeplz://SLAPPED//


Basic idea to this dude was that I wanted to combine Kabuki theatre, samurais and chinese drunken fist fighters together while using a twist to the general idea of being able to use water. In his case, it's using alcohol since liquors are still liquids. x'DDDD His part of town was actually inspired too by a tribe in my country called the "Bajao". It felt very appropriate since Hyejun's home description really reminded me of their location. 8'D *Getting excited clearly heeee*

[October 14, 2014] - Gave Gatz his own set of stats to follow the new "OC Companion" rule added in as of today.


Name: Rokurou "Roku" Zan

Age: 27
Race: Heterogeneous Aquatic Human
Though mostly human on the outside, Roku descends from a multiple race mixing ancestry line so has the genes of several aquatic typed humanoids. This in turn gives him a natural aquatic affinity that lets him survive water filled environments better than most humans.
Height: 6'2" / 185 cm

Weight: 192.5 lbs / 87.3 kg
Occupation: Wandering hobo performer; swordsman for hire
Weapons: His two katanas "Ryo and Mana"; Sake gourd; Gatz the Dog

+ Lax | Courteous | Confident | Intuitive | Loyal
- Lazy | Aloof | Eccentric | Informal | Theatrical
This wandering swordsman hailing from Yardenah Ran enjoys the chance of traveling throughout Velandi, though he usually does so without much plans or goals in mind as his way of life centers on “going with the flow”. He may turn out to be quite courteous, lax yet aloof to the world around him, as if nothing really bothers him, though with how informal he gets it’s also a question if he’s just really lazy. People usually either see him as one of two things- an eccentric hobo or an intuitive genius; there is literally no in-between with him. Add in his theatrical mannerisms, and you’ve got yourself a person you can’t help but question if who he appears to be is even real. However deep within is a mark of self-confidence that mostly shows itself when he enters a battle, and you can guess
that once you get used to how zany he can be, he can be quite an ally to keep at your side as loyalty goes far with him.

History: Roku was born to a family of fishermen living along the borders of Hyejun. For generations his family had lived in poverty, never capable of earning enough to surpass the previous generation, and so being the sixth of eight children, Roku was simply just another face among his siblings of future poor fishermen. From a young age however, he wasn't satisfied with the idea of being just another. Already he wanted to have self-identity.

One day, a distant relative from his mother’s side came to visit and would begin to tell tales about her travels, and early on Roku already showed interest in them. The relative would eventually notice his attentiveness, and out of curiosity to the boy’s potential, she offered his parents a chance for their son to go visit the university of Hyejun. Although they were reluctant at first as they weren't sure their son could handle the trip, Roku’s enthusiasm was eventually what won them over. Soon enough Roku traveled his way with the relative to visit this university, exposing himself to different cultures around along the way. It was here in this university he found the existence of written stories and his interest in storytelling. However, his interest in it was brought up even more when he found a way to tell a story beyond just words, and that was through acting.

Ever since he left the university and went home, he was suddenly obsessed with theater and acting, so much when he learned of a theater troupe set up near home, he didn't think twice about joining. He eventually grew up almost under this troupe, learning the different techniques and styles of acting and even being taught the more difficult and advance styles and other things from these people. However, the more he learned from the troupe, the more he abandoned the life of a fisherman, and thus distanced himself from his family. Then the day came when new bridges were being built around this division, allowing more travel to happen for the people and visitors. Immediately Roku was reminded of his distant relative who traveled all of Velandi and wondered if he could follow her example. He then went to his parents hoping to get their blessing for another trip, but it came with a price- this time they wanted him out of the house for good. They were finally fed up with him. It was one thing to go for something that wouldn't even help in feeding the family, but it was also another thing to abandon his family altogether.

Instead of defending himself, Roku left without a word, also tired of the misunderstandings and how close-minded his folks were. Traveling throughout Velandi though turned out to be harder than he was anticipating, so much he eventually had to make up his own style of survival based off what he did know (and apparently most of that was just acting). Of course he would eventually get the hang of it, and not long he even found himself a companion to follow him in his journey. Since then, he and his dog Gatz having been travelling the land, learning from the regions and what cultures they had to offer, while also letting people know of the culture he knew of from back home. Although it has been some time since he became satisfied with knowledge from world, he has yet to return home, unaware if he would be even greeted with a smile. As much as he was happy to leave his old life the first time, now he just questions if he ever will get the chance to see his family once again.

Roku-Rou-Nin Sword Styles the pun was calling me- I'm so sorry//DED//
Roku was taught by some members of his troupe how to use swords distinct to Y'Ran, so he is quite knowledgeable of the basics of different single blade and double blade stances. However Roku has been developing what he knows from the sword styles to create his own personal way of handling them, hence the self-proclaimed "Roku-Rou-Nin" sword styles. Notably his styles lack technicality as they can be quite flashy, stylish, and of course theatrical having sword tossing, swinging and other impractical sword moves, though it's all for the intention of distraction and effectively landing blows on places his opponents aren't paying attention to. His sword style also takes much part with his main arte.

The Drunken Sword Artes
Among the skills taught to him by the theater troupe was a drunk-like move set used for over the top typed roles, however Roku has since developed it into an actual fighting arte of deception wherein he drinks from hi gourd filled with "the world's strongest sake" to convince his opponents and allies and sometimes even himself into thinking he is in a drunken state. The fighting style mostly uses flowing body and sword movements and requires intense balance skills as Roku has to be able to control the way he falls and moves to make attacks with precision and without actually hurting himself. It too helps that being “drunk” usually lowers his enemy's expectations of him initially in battle. Sometimes Roku will actually drink a little too much from the gourd, though it’s for the sake of giving him an edge in battle as it lets him relax to the extent he doesn't even realize how hard he’s hitting or how much attacks he’s receiving. This is usually meant for worse case scenarios, especially when up against a crowd of enemies as it lets him take out opponents surrounding him faster the wilder his movements get without him feeling the pain from other people's attacks. However, his previous deceptive tactics gets sacrificed in the process, and usually the drunker he gets, the more prone he is to drinking and thus might lead himself into passing out from consuming too much.
Hound Partnership
Like said, he adopted a dog some time in his travels. Gatz specifically acts as his companion and an equipment holder, though he too may act as a partner in battle. Gatz can actually hold a knife in his mouth and attack with it if ever his teeth or claws don't seem threatening enough, and he especially becomes helpful when his master begins to drink a little too much from the sake and accidentally passes out. He too is capable of doing small hunting work, able to chase down rabbits and actually catch fish in shallow rivers on his own, and as a dog, he's naturally a good scent tracker.

Status Points: Current Total - 180
STR 50

VIT 35
AGI 45
DEX 50
ETH --
TRN --

GATZ' STATS Current Total - 95
STR 30 (Needs to be able to carry all that equipment and master yo//KICKED//)
VIT 10
AGI 25
DEX 30 (A decently trained dog so to speak.)
ETH --
TRN -- 

Misc Info:
- Gatz is a type of mixed breed, though resembles mostly a Shiba Inu, and he is as intelligent as much as a dog can really be when trained well enough. He cannot talk, though Roku occasionally "gives him a voice" by talking for him in a squeaky tone. Gatz is very much his best friend and possibly his "baby", yet as much as Roku babies him, Gatz remains to be the serious and responsible one between the two.
- Gatz is also incredibly good at giving advice. No one knows how he does it. He just sits there and suddenly you get the advice you need as if he just knows and understands what you're going through. Regardless if he's just staring at you.
- Roku's face tattoos gain a deeper saturation the drunker he is as the paint pigments are easily affected by heat. He earned these tattoos after the many years of performing under the theater troupe in his division.
- Thanks to his water affinity, he actually has a pretty high alcohol tolerance, though it doesn't seem like it at first at how “easily drunk” he gets from some gulps from his sake. Watch him in a bar drinking other liquors, and you realize otherwise. His sake is also not the strongest sake in the world.

- For a water guy, Roku is ridiculously warm from all the alcohol he tends to actually consume, so he can probably give the best warm hugs you need if you can get past the smell of alcohol he sometimes reeks of. Most of these hugs go to Gatz however.
- Roku's attire notably has a rope and coin theme. These are in fact distinct details taken from his theater attires and fisherman life and act as his good luck charms.
- The Theater act that brought about the drunken dance act was inspired by a legend about an Ayakashi Hound working alongside a Warrior, and Roku adopted Gatz being reminded of the Legend. This is of course just one of the many reasons why he adopted him.
- Roku doesn't wear pants. Really, it's just his undergarments under that skirt already.
Themes: Roku's Theme Gatz' Theme


:iconethernitas: (c) :icondark-serenity-sama::iconfuresiya::iconsilver-identity::iconalterica::icondx33x:
Roku and Gatz (c) :icondante-aran:

DF - Raika by Dante-Aran
DF - Raika

I blame my RL friends for convincing me to join regardless if I said I wouldn't join any other group until SOC closed. :iconimsotiredplz: One of my other groups closed so it's okay now. :iconlazycryplz:


Though wow yeah, look at that fail anatomy. Clearly someone doesn't draw enough females. :iconimsotiredcryplz: It was about time I started practicing though, so why not. :iconmingplz:

Joining with :iconemi2yam2: :iconameritis: :iconcrossing-hills: :iconshibaki-kun: and :iconhourglass34: (SAY HI TO SHUYIN'S COUSIN, YO)


Sept. 03, 2014 - Changed title cause I wasn't really liking the last one haha. xD
Sept. 11, 2014 - //SCREEEEECH// Was accepted yeey. :'DDD






October 24

Rai / Aika [Nicknames she can be called by only close friends if she had any]

The Caged Fury

The village

Stoic | Serious | Suspicious | Strict | Unyielding
Calculating | Resourceful | Loyal | Observant | Dynamic

Definitely when it comes to Raika, she doesn't trust those around her immediately, even if they were of her own kind. To her, everyone is open to failure as much as she is- if not worse- so she would avoid those she would deem most likely to cause errors since she tries as much as possible not to have them. Just the look on her face is enough to show how serious she takes her duties and other things around her, so try to avoid making crude comments or laze around her too much or else you could expect her to start lecturing or even punishing you for slacking off. She's also quite hard to sway, so getting her to very core is at most rare.

Although a lone rabbit, once you do convince her to help out, she's definitely a helpful one as she can ensure she'll get the job done and with good results as well considering how work oriented she is. Also, her loyalty runs deep, so get on her good side enough to earn her trust, and you'll have a formidable ally on your side to keep you safe at all costs, even if everyone else sees you as an enemy. Just... Don't betray her trust of course. It's hard enough for her to give it to people, so messing around with it really would have horrible results.

-Target practice
-Close range combat training
-Doing errands
-Just working in general

Likes and Dislikes:

+Always being on the move
+A good rest
+Being on schedule
+Being prepared
+Flowers (she's unfortunately still a sucker for them)
+Shuyin- family is family to her. Mess with him, you mess with her.

-Not having a plan
-Being late
-Unintentionally killing something- even her prey.
-Crying (Hates it and avoids it at all costs)
-Going wild
-Not being in control, specifically with herself.

Additional Info
-Unlike most rabbits, she avoids going into primal rage whenever she goes hunting. In fact, she believes she's a better hunter when she can use her head more than her instinct, so chasing down wolves always comes with a plan for her. She'll also most likely be the first person who'll try to snap people out of their sadistic states, especially when sadism may lead to error or a perhaps even a person's unintentional death.

-When she does give into primal rage however, there is absolutely no thinking that goes on with her. Talking even becomes impossible as by that point she might as well have blacked out. The worst part is, she can't tell the difference between ally and foe when she reaches such a state, so even rabbits are at risk when she goes that far. It's no wonder she avoids losing her instincts when hunting. Definitely though she's more likely to get to her prey in more primal ways and kill them on the spot if she gets too close once she goes over the edge. Also notably a lot stronger and faster when in this state as well.

-Her self control is thus ironic. She has great self control in terms of stopping herself from going wild, but horrible self control when she gives into the rage.

-She mostly keeps herself from going wild by making sure she's always well fed. To help ensure this, she has learned a number of ways to make sure her wolf meat and other proteins go into storage and last her a good time before going spoiled. Other things though can get her to go wild, but she isn't quite sure yet what those trigger situations are yet. She has been mindful of herself since to ensure she figures it out.

-She only gardens because she still has that inner girl to adhere to some of the things she gardens for help her with keeping meats in storage.

-Uses crossbows and knives for hunting. One of her crossbows comes with a grapple option so she can pull herself to places quicker. She can also attach ropes to her arrows so she can zip line to lower places faster.

-Best with far ranged attacks, though can handle a close range battle pretty well too if caught at really close quarters. Horrible at chases due to constantly stopping herself from following instincts, so prefers to take down an enemy by surprise or from a distance. Once she enters primal rage, there is literally no stopping her from taking down a prey as nothing holds her back. Like said, her mind shuts off, so everything she believes in gets thrown out the window in that state. She pretty much is a killing machine on her own if not taken out or calmed down via forced feeding.

Shuyin - The two are cousins and have at times visited each other, though it's more of Shuyin visiting her than the other way around. As much as she gets annoyed of his occasional "laziness" as she calls it, he's one of the only people who can sort of get away with it without her snapping too much... Well, not entirely, but definitely more than most people since she knows she can trust him with things still. She will try to kick his butt into working if she felt the need to, though its really just her way of showing she cares indirectly.

Raika belongs to me.
Shuyin belongs to Hourglass34
Dark--Forest belongs to its respective owners.


-insert name here-
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Current Residence: Somewhere over the rainbow
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Small-Medium- I have no idea.
Print preference: Meh.
Favourite genre of music: Video Game music
Favourite photographer: *no comment*
Favourite style of art: Varies
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: Windows Media Player LOL
Shell of choice: wut
Wallpaper of choice: My SotC wallpaper. //holds it close like a child
Skin of choice: something ~FABULOUS~
Favourite cartoon character: Too many.
Personal Quote: MEEP.

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