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Abamenko - Isagani
Too hard to resist with how pretty the group looked and the very concept hhhh---

Seriously guys. Princess Mononoke group. Go join. |'D

And I s2g I didn't want to make the app writing dark. Idk what happened tho. :iconhttgplz:




[ Basic Information ]

Name: Isagani
Nickname: Isa, Gani
Date of Birth: December 28
Age: 27 (134)
Gender:  Male
Humanoid Height: 6'0"
Humanoid Weight: 170 lbs

[ Beast Information ]
Beast Clan: Bird
Species: Philippine Eagle (Pithecophaga jefferyi)
Rank: Hunter/Warrior
Feral Height: 7'5"
Feral Weight: 30.6 lbs
Accuracy | High Stamina | Strength | Swiftness | Strategic nature
Eye sensitivity | Water | Traps/Cages | Loss of Balance | Unyielding nature 

The Philippine eagle, like most other eagles, has very good eyesight, so Isagani has a natural good accuracy when it comes to hunting other animals and fighting as a warrior. Also with his body build, notably his stamina and strength plays a good part the way he works his strikes. With his swiftness and strategic nature also in hand, you can expect he knows how to land an attack quickly, properly and make it really count.  

However, due to his good eyesight, you can argue it's a little too good that it can be easily blinded, and he quickly loses focus of the moment when it happens. Traps and other obstacles that can render his limbs useless also do affect him greatly, especially ones that place him in very claustrophobic spaces. Also adding simple weights to any of his body parts can mess up his flight or movement completely as balance plays a key role in how he moves. Unfortunately due to his unyielding nature, sometimes it gets hard for him to give up in a fight, so he may at times be unaware of when it really is time to step down.

[ Personal Information ]
Strong willed | Brave | Respectful | Resourceful | Strategic
Stoic | Closed | Claustrophobic | Distrustful | Rigorous

As a strong willed Eagle, Isagani is very good at making goals and achieving them, also ensuring that no time is wasted along the way. You can definitely note him for his bravery as well, not being afraid to step into a situation to help ease the problem, especially when others of his kind are in need. He can also be very respectful to others as he really does believe that the way you treat them should reflect how they should begin treating you. As a resourceful spirit, it's not hard for him to see the strengths of a situation or a person and use them to his advantage, which also works great alongside his strategic planning. Isagani overall in his strengths has the capabilities of being a good leader.

However, Isagani has more of a tendency to going into "lone wolf" territory as he has a tendency to keeping his skills to himself. Stoic and closed off, it's quite hard to read whatever goes on in his head or know what he's currently feeling as his face usually has the same serious expression at all times. Clearly he has a hard time trusting others with certain tasks, so will more often leave the big jobs and to himself, unless the other party begins to put trust into him and very much earn his. After all, most things with Isagani are mutual. His strategic nature of course comes with a flaw- things have to be rigorously planned with him. His ideas can be very clean sounding and looking, which in turns really irritates him when things don't go as planned. The good thing is he can jump back and make a quick new plan in case things go wrong, but it does take a toll on his momentum and perhaps damage even further his small trust for others. Lastly, he has a very keen phobia of close spaces, and it at many times has put him through very tough situations. He really does seek a way to get rid of it, though so far his efforts seem unfruitful.

Likes: Monkey meat | High places | A nice warm nest | Sight-seeing | Things going according to plan
Dislikes: Bodies of water | Getting too wet | Closed spaces | Humans | Things not going according to plan
Isagani as a child was raised mostly under his mother's care as his father was a warrior who was constantly out doing his work for the Bird clan. His mother though wasn't the best of mothers as she would openly spoil him and close him off from the outside, also always placing strict rules on him to follow at all times. She would also tell him of many tales of the outside, especially of the humans and how they were the reason why there weren't many eagles like them anymore. Naturally this made Isagani initially scared of the world, not at all wanting to leave the nest even when he became of age to fly or whenever his father wanted to train him to be a strong warrior like him. Of course the whole ordeal was already making Isagani start to look like a disgrace to his father, and he went on ahead to put the blame on his mother for making the child act the way he did.

To discipline his son, he one day told Isagani to come follow him, only to lead him into a trap and fall down a tight ditch. As Isagani called out for help, it turns out the trap was set up by his own father as he told him he would have to climb out and prove his worth if he wanted to survive. Naturally the young man retaliated, begging for his father's mercy. Even after hours of begging for him or eventually someone to pull him out of the dark small place, everything unfortunately remained still. It would take days before Isagani realized perhaps he only had himself to rely on, and finally even in his weakness he was miraculously able to climb out.

Returning to the nest, his mother was there, ready to take him back in and coddle him, but instead of returning into her arms as expected, Isagani rejected her, knowing that it was indirectly her fault that his father did what he did. His father sees this and finally takes him under his wing, training the young man to his fullest to become the warrior he wanted him to be. Deep down inside though, Isagani went on with the training not only to become a great warrior, but also to surpass his father and prove to him he was undeserving of his discipline from so long ago.

It has been some years since his father went missing in battle, and Isagani at the moment lives alone. He still does his best to serve his clan as a respectable member and warrior, though of course while still keeping his trust only to himself. Currently he hopes to find a way to forget the past and perhaps find a better identity to define himself as a spirit and warrior.

[ Relationship Information ]
Orientation: Heterosexual
Status: Single
Significant Other: N/A
Current Attraction[s]: N/A
Independent | Intelligent | Understanding | Affable | A Confidant | Trustworthy
[Father - Merkado : MIA | Mother - Ursua : Alive, but he currently wants nothing to do with her.]
[None so far]

[ Additional Information ]
- His eyes are sensitive thanks to the fact his cowl grows starting from his eyebrows. He now has to put a little more effort in keeping his eyes open due to the slightly extra weight
- Suffers from "Resting Bi*** Face (for lack of a better term). He can actually laugh and is most of the time in a positive mood. You just usually can't see it on his face unless you look at it from another angle.
- Though not so great at other more common human languages, he has a natural understanding of Filipino and occasionally speaks in the dialect.
- Clearly his claustrophobia was among the negative effects gained from his father's disciplinary action.
- The tattoos on his body mostly are marks gained as recognition for the kills he has made in the past.

RP Style:
Skype, Chat, Docs. Just send over a note and we can discuss more on it. 8D Not to worry; I don't bite~ |'D


Isagani belongs to me.
Abamenko belongs to its respectful owners
Princess Mononoke (c) Studio Ghibli
CT - Namnco Romnco by Dante-Aran
CT - Namnco Romnco

Of course if a Final Fantasy based group comes out, I'd make an app and join. :iconimsotiredcryplz:



December 17, 2014
- Changed some location names in his bio to make things easier in terms of finding official location markings in the map. xD
- Also rewrote minimal parts in Nacho's description.


:damphyr: Name: Namnco Romnco

:damphyr: Job: Fighter

:damphyr: Race: Lalafell

:damphyr: Age: 18

:damphyr: Sex: Male

:damphyr: Height: 150 cm / 4'11"

:damphyr: Character Traits
+ Determined
+ Brave
+ Loyal
+/- Energetic
+/- Influencial (In a way he can get people to do things for him- sometimes borderlining manipulating)
- Brash
- Mischevious
- Always hungry

:damphyr: Likes/Dislikes
+ Nacho (the food)
+ Nacho (the chocobo)
+ Animals
+ Playing games
- Badly losing games
- Animal cruelty
- Being berated for mistakes
- Being left alone
- Going hungry

:damphyr: Background
Namnco Romco was the son of two lalafells who worked alongside a hume "uncle" in one the many farms located beyond the southwest corner of Bartelo. When he was just a small child, Namnco was already interested in working with the animals, and soon enough he was initially given a job to be a flock tender. Of course, his eventual attachment to these animals did prove to be a good drive for him to fight off the sudden random small beasts that would pop up to eat them. It was seeing his drive that his uncle decided to train the small lalafell how to fight properly- just to ensure his own safety in the future.

His father and Uncle also occasionally would go out to deliver farm products to other farms or at a trader's meet up point somewhere in between Bartelo and Perido, and after some time, he would begin do his best to convince them to let him join. Of course it would take years before the uncle would finally give in, and after getting his parents' approval, the two would go out to do a farmer's delivery work, which usually takes the span of days or even weeks.

Recently as he was following his uncle, the miasma suddenly had gotten worse around his family's town that it's crystal finally had to be put to its true use. However, Namnco and his uncle were unfortunately still visiting Perido at the time. It was too late when they finally learned that his hometown was cut off from the central areas, meaning that he and his uncle had no way to go back home and his family was stuck in a now miasma infected area. Since then, Namnco and his uncle have taken refuge in Perido, waiting for more news to come to them about the state of their hometown and family.

A week would pass, and suddenly news that the king was looking for warriors to fight off the miasma and reclaim the lands would be spread around, and the moment Namnco heard of it, immediately he wanted to go ahead and join a guild. If it meant he could get his family back to safety and reunite with them, he would do anything for it. Naturally the uncle was reluctant at first, but just like before, he would finally give in and let the young man go. Giving his nephew his blessings, his uncle said his farewells before Namnco finally went off with his chocobo to join the battle in reclaiming his hometown.

:damphyr: Chocobo Relation

In the past there had been a small batch of Chocobos in his hometown's stable being rented off to people who needed a ride or an equipment holder. Out of all of them, the only fat chocobo at the farm was mostly left alone since people knew of their high maintenance. Namnco for some reason thought it would be a good idea to give the big guy a chance and actually do some work with him. Who knows- maybe people were judging the big fellow unjustly and he could actually do a job well. The plan unfortunately backfired as the Chocobo was in fact troublesome to control and was very clumsy.

Regardless of the rough start, the fat chocobo actually grew extremely fond of Namnco for picking him, so every time the lalafell came back to the stable to borrow a chocobo, the fat one would constantly come back to him. As much as the initial bad experience convinced him to avoid the chocobo, he eventually gave in as not long ago he himself had a similar situation with his uncle. After few more times of using him, the Chocobo actually began to improve in its work, Namco actually began to understand how to use him better, and soon enough the two became inseparable- so much that he actually went as far as buying him finally (which honestly was no problem for the stable owner since no one usually wanted to use the fat chocobo anyway).

He ended up naming the Chocobo "Nacho" since the both of them really liked food, and Namnco was really starting to like Nacho.

+ Loyal
+ Affectionate
+ Easy to coax
- High Maintenance
- Gets hungry easily
- Clumsy

:damphyr: Guild Relation

:damphyr: Trivia
- Namnco is completely unaware if his family is still alive or not, though he hopes that they are knowing that his town at least has a crystal to protect itself. He has no idea if it would be strong enough though.
- Namnco actually has two younger siblings who are twins.
- Namnco's uncle used to be a traveling fighter in the past, though he has since retired to be a farmer after sustaining a really bad leg injury.
- Quite clearly his uncle was among the bigger influences in Namnco's life.
- Nacho actually has a mohawk under his helmet. How it still manages to stand up after taking off the helmet- nobody knows.


Namnco Romnco art and character belongs to me
App and CT belongs to its respectful owners
Final Fantasy (c) Square Enix
.:ETHERNITAS:. Resonating Ether by Dante-Aran
.:ETHERNITAS:. Resonating Ether

An Entry to the Ethernitas Contest. Read more about it here:
Ethernitas Contest


Aaaand I stink at titles okay. :iconimsotiredplz:


Wow I was actually able to finish this in 3 days. x'DDDDD And no- this is me not rushing anything this time around surprisingly. 8'D Tbh though, if I were, I'd be drawing just hours before the deadline. LMFAO-//KICKED//


Yeah. So the idea here was to actually do something similar to the artworks found around the Final Fantasy logos (the FF14 and Dissidia versions in particular) except with Ether characters. x'DDD Ended up developing a certain line work method I actually found really fun to do. 8'D Didn't expect it to get this big or detailed though. In fact, most of the details were just... Me guessing how to do the rendering half the time. AHAHA-

STILL. T'was fun guessing. //KICKED// And pretty proud of this since this is me trying a new art style again. x'D

Thanks to this thing though, I've come to notice how my artblocks work. It usually leaves me unwilling and demotivated to draw anything for DAYS that the feeling is horrible. Though it's strangely long enough that when it ends and I finally get back to actually doing anything art related, suddenly BAM- All the ideas come out, I can draw straight for hours, and a random feeling of improvement suddenly comes out. x'DD;;

It strangely happens to me all the time- every year. It's no wonder I've come to have love-hate feelings towards artblocks. Hate going through them, but love the after effect when it ends. 8'D Seriously though- thank goodness it ended. ;;;;

Aaaaand I think I rambled on for too long again. x'D

For anyone curious, I have a Black and White version to look at if you want to get a better view on the details.
Ether logo BW

Aaaaand I also made Desktop Versions (one with text even hehe) cause it looked cool enough to try it out HAHAHA

OH- And another thing. I hid my signature on each character just to watermark them in case of things. Try and see if you can find them all. :iconheplz://KICKED//

All the characters seen here belong to
Art belongs to me.
OL - Lady Ion v2 by Dante-Aran
OL - Lady Ion v2

WELP. So... I didn't like the old one and was in a very arty mood today... So I thought why not try my hand at redoing the last Genderbend meme? |D;;;

Wow so quick Dante-//KICKED//

And horeee sheet this thing actually looks like a female PRAISE---
The Original Meme if you'd like to take a look x'D

I luckily kicked my artblock out the window so I'm free to do whatever I want yeeeeeeeeeeeey- :iconimsotiredplz:

I feel Ion would be softer compared to Iorn in terms of personality, but nevertheless more level headed compared to him. So most likely for the event, I think she'd let him reside in her, though not take control. Probably let him be the voice in the back of her head who can help her out in situations and all. xD

Iorn/Ion and art belongs to me.
Meme template and OL belongs to their respective owners.
TE - Memorial by Dante-Aran
TE - Memorial

"Sometimes having no eyes can be a big problem at moments like these. Can't really mourn for your loved ones if you're no longer capable..."

For the Day of the Dead event. not really caring I'm a day late sorta AHUE


Woooow. Amazing how after a loooong time of having an artblock, I finally draw something, and it's sad. And wow- this is my first submission to the group. I must be in some downer mood. :iconimsotiredplz: //KICKED//jkjk

But yeeeaaah- T'was revealed in the first mission RP that Aradann doesn't have any eyes hence why he has to wear his mask. Though tbh even before that rp, I've been actually drawing his face too often and have confirmed with myself that his upper teeth should have a gap in them. Tbh this picture was drawn just to show how that looks LMFAOOOO-//DED//

And yes- nun outfit. He's unofficially adopted by nuns sorta, so he goes to most places in that outfit if he isn't in his normal clothes. x'DDD This is one of those rarer moments he would actually take off his mask though, so most normally he'd be wearing his mask alongside the clothes.

Aradann and art belongs to me.
TE belongs to its respective owners.


-insert name here-
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Current Residence: Somewhere over the rainbow
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Small-Medium- I have no idea.
Print preference: Meh.
Favourite genre of music: Video Game music
Favourite photographer: *no comment*
Favourite style of art: Varies
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: Windows Media Player LOL
Shell of choice: wut
Wallpaper of choice: My SotC wallpaper. //holds it close like a child
Skin of choice: something ~FABULOUS~
Favourite cartoon character: Too many.
Personal Quote: MEEP.

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